Short Horror Stories, Part 1

I Know When My Husband Is Cheating on Me I know when my husband is cheating on me. It’s funny, something like 60% of marriages end in...

"Dude, I Just Killed Cassie."

On the morning of September 22, 2006, Cassie Jo Stoddart began her day like any other. She woke up, got herself ready, and went to...

Exorcism - Fact or Fiction?

The paranormal field is littered with false claims, poor science, and an overarching ignorance regarding the dispelling of demons through...

The Meaning of Headstones

Ever wonder what those headstones mean when you're exploring cemeteries? Now you can read about it in our October blog, written by Chris.

Welcome to the New Site!

We're excited to announce that our brand new website has launched today! The new site has updated case reports for anyone interested in...

Strange Superstitions

Have you ever been interested in the stories behind many common superstitions? Here's some insight.