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About Us

Our Story

The Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society (ECPS) was established in February, 2016.


After meeting at a previous investigation and finding similar ideals, David and Chris decided to form a team that was organized, professional, and efficient. Their collective mission aimed to revolutionize the field of paranormal research on a case-by-case basis and set a benchmark for the proper conduct of such investigations.


The formation of E.C.P.S. arose in response to the growing necessity for a scientific and professional approach to the paranormal. While many teams claim to adhere to scientific principles, they often succumb to confirmation bias, seeking answers or conclusions that align with their pre-existing beliefs.In contrast, E.C.P.S. embraces objectivity, allowing the evidence to lead them toward a conclusion rather than preconceived notions.

Currently comprised of eight members from diverse backgrounds, E.C.P.S. encompasses a range of expertise that contributes to the team's unified and professional approach to exploring the realms of the paranormal and the unknown.

Norwalk, CT

Meet the Team
For individual contact information or to learn more about our team members, please click their photo.

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