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The Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society was founded in February, 2016.

After meeting at a previous investigation and finding similar ideals, David and Chris decided to form a team that was organized, professional, and efficient. Together, they set out to change the paranormal field one case at a time, and to set an example for how paranormal investigations should be performed.

E.C.P.S. was formed due to the increasing need for a scientific and professional approach to the paranormal. Although many teams in the field claim to be scientific, they often exhibit confirmation bias and look for answers or conclusions that already support their pre-existing beliefs. E.C.P.S., however, deals in objectivity and lets the evidence lead them toward a conclusion; not the other way around.

They are now a group of four from different walks in life. Each member provides specific contributions to the team and helps to form a cohesive and professional approach to the paranormal and the unknown.


Our Team

David Bray.jpg

David Bray, B.S., L.M.T., EP-C

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Psychic Empath

David has multiple job titles and currently works as a licensed orthopedic massage therapist, exercise physiologist, and martial arts instructor. He is also certified in CPR/AED.

David is a strong psychic empath and is able to sense energies from people, places, and objects. His diverse empathic gift allows him to communicate with spirits and to observe past and present energies.

Despite his spiritual gift, David's strong background in the sciences causes him to be extremely skeptical to paranormal claims. He feels that hard evidence is necessary before referring to anything as paranormal. Therefore, it's his job as lead investigator to exhaust all possible options before making an official judgment call.​

David is continuing his pursuit of knowledge and education to better understand the paranormal.


2011-2012: CT Center for Massage Therapy - Valedictorian - Massage Therapy

2014-2018: Southern CT State University - Cum Laude w/ Additional Honors from ZDE - B.S. Exercise Science - Human Performance

2018-2020: Southern CT State University - Pre-Medicine

Christopher O'Connor.jpg

Chris O'Connor, M.A.

Co-Founder/Psychic Medium

Chris has been a gifted medium as long as he can remember. As a child, he was understandably confused on what was happening to him. Over time, he was able to overcome his fears and gained confidence in his abilities with his mother's knowledge and guidance of being a "medium." His gift became stronger throughout his adult years.

He has utilized his gift as a paranormal investigator for over 15 years now, assisting multiple paranormal groups with their investigations. Chris' ability to connect with earth bound spirits helps guide groups in the direction of paranormal activity. 

In early 2017, Chris was able to assist a Florida family in the case of their missing son. He does not like to refer to himself as a medium or a psychic, but rather as someone who is spiritually gifted. However, Chris does not just rely on his spiritual gifts, but uses the help of technology to investigate and validate paranormal activity.

Chris also has the gift of automatic writing and drawing which happens when he enters a meditative state. During his meditation, he receives messages or visions from earth bound spirits and writes or draws them. Chris' recent growth with his psychic abilities is to identify both spirit guides and spirit animals. All of Chris' psychic abilities assist E.C.P.S. in finding the truth.

Ruby L.jpg

Ruby L., B.A.


Ruby is E.C.P.S.’ photographer, taking pictures during investigations and other events both for the purpose of gathering evidence and as a documentarian. Ruby earned a degree in Psychology in 2011, and has worked in various academic laboratories for over 15 years, gaining experience in behavioral economics and sensory biology before settling into her current position in neuroscience at Yale University. Ruby’s adventurous spirit and love of helping others led her to pursue a position with E.C.P.S. in 2018, and she enjoys the opportunity to use her skills in unconventional ways during E.C.P.S.’ cases.

Eli Freund.jpg

Eli Freund, M.A.

Investigator/Research Analyst

Eli joined E.C.P.S. in late 2019, having had many experiences in paranormal investigating. His first taste of the paranormal came 15 years ago during a trip with his family to Scotland. During his visit, he went on a public ghost tour, experienced some unexplained activity, and has been hooked ever since.

Using his background and training as a former journalist, Eli helps the team discover pertinent information that brings context to possible hauntings and helps move the team toward logical conclusions. 

Eli holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a master's degree in Communications and enjoys using his skills to communicate with spirits during investigations. 


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