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Eli Freund, MA

Eli Freund

Lead Investigator & Publicist

Eli joined E.C.P.S. in late 2019, having had many experiences in paranormal investigating. His first taste of the paranormal came 15 years ago during a trip with his family to Scotland. During his visit, he went on a public ghost tour, experienced some unexplained activity, and has been hooked ever since.


Using his background and training as a former journalist, Eli helps the team discover pertinent information that brings context to possible hauntings and helps move the team toward logical conclusions. 


Eli holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism and a master's degree in Communications and enjoys using his skills to communicate with spirits during investigations.



University of Hartford

M.A. Communications



University of Connecticut

B.A. Journalism

Contact Eli:

Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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