Welcome to our 'Cases' page. Here, you will find information on some (but not all) of our cases including case summaries, findings, paranormal gradings, and other important and related documents. Enjoy.

'Hotels, Inns, & Museums' includes places such as: hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, cabins, lodges, museums or any other facilities which houses guests overnight or hold historic artifacts.

'Abandoned Buildings' includes any places which are no longer being used or serving a purpose.


'Private Residences' includes homeowners or business owners who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. These are generally the most requested type of cases.

'Cemeteries' includes any and all places of burial. Cemeteries, graveyards, mausoleums, and crypts are all common here.

'Famous Hauntings' includes notorious places known for being extremely haunted. If it has been on TV, it is likely in this category.

'Other' includes any other possible category of haunting that we simply can't think of right now. Oh, this is also the place where we test out urban legends.


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