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Paranormal Gradings

Our Grading System© is based on our personal experiences and is unique to E.C.P.S.

Each grade is a build-on the level before it. Therefore, if a case is considered a "Grade 3" haunting, then all of "Grade 1" and "Grade 2"  are also very likely.

Grade 0 - All subjective paranormal activity has been debunked and no evidence has been collected for documentation. There are no objective paranormal findings of any kind.

Grade 1 - Subjective paranormal activity cannot be debunked and at least one piece of evidence has been collected and documented, either by EVP or photo/video.

Grade 2 – Objective findings include evidence of an EVP in direct relationship with a photo or video. The Spirit Box responds to direct questions with relevance to the history of the residence and/or the occupants (including the paranormal team).

Grade 3 – Objective findings include evidence of a manifestation (non-orbs) captured by a photo or video. Audible sounds or voices can be heard by human ears and are documented on an audible device.

Grade 4 - Objective findings include evidence captured by a photo or video of a partial or full-body apparition. This can be a “shadow person” or a mist with the clear definition of a body. This also includes apparitions that are caught in reflections of windows and/or mirrors. This also can be video evidence of body imprints on chairs or beds as well as foot and handprints on hard surfaces.


There is evidence of non-aggressive behavior or interaction with a spirit or spirits. For example, there is clear documentation of tugging on clothing or playing with hair. There is evidence of objects moving and/or poltergeist activity.


Grade 5 - Objective findings include evidence of violent behavior. This includes slapping, scratching, biting or any other aggressive notion that leads to an injury. There is violent language and threats that are captured by human ears and documented with an audible device. There is evidence of objects being moved to cause harm (i.e., – a knife being thrown at a person). 


There is evidence of severe mood changes, religious artifacts being moved or damaged, and/or activity that cannot be explained that has demonic/malevolent ideology. Unexplained markings are found in the home or on a person resembling possible demonic/malevolent cause. This also includes unexplained appearances of blood.

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