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Sarah N. Connecticut

I was introduced to Dave back in February 2018 by a mutual friend who knew I had been having paranormal experiences in my apartment for over a year. My goal was to determine if the spirits in my home were malifiscent in nature. I was relieved when Dave arrived at my apartment - he had great energy, was easy-going, and made me feel safe and comfortable with what we were about to do. Dave was able to validate the experiences I had had in my apartment through several modalities. We were able to see footsteps walk through the "red-grid light" projector, we were able to hear multiple voices on the spirit box, and used a flashlight to ask spirit "yes" and "no" questions. Dave is so incredibly knowledgable and was able to give me incredible peace of mind that the spirits in my home meant me no harm, and I finally felt safe. I am so grateful to Dave and the team for all that they do, and for allowing me to sleep a little easier at night. The services they provide are incredible and I would recommend them 110%.

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