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Chris O'Connor, MA ✞

Chris O'Connor

Co-Founder & Gifted Psychic Medium

Chris had been a gifted medium as long as he could remember. As a child, he was understandably confused on what was happening to him. Over time, he was able to overcome his fears and gained confidence in his abilities with his mother's knowledge and guidance of being a "medium." His gift became stronger throughout his adult years.


He had utilized his gift as a paranormal investigator for over 15 years, assisting multiple paranormal groups with their investigations. Chris' ability to connect with earth bound spirits helped to guide groups in the direction of paranormal activity. 


In early 2017, Chris was able to assist a Florida family in the case of their missing son. He did not like to refer to himself as a medium or a psychic, but rather as someone who was spiritually gifted. However, Chris did not just rely on his spiritual gifts, but used the help of technology to investigate and validate paranormal activity.


Chris also had the gift of automatic writing and drawing which happened when he entered a meditative state. During his meditation, he received messages or visions from earth bound spirits and wrote or drew them. Chris' most recent growth with his psychic abilities was to identify both spirit guides and spirit animals. All of Chris' psychic abilities assisted E.C.P.S. in finding the truth.



Naval School of Health Sciences

M.A. Healthcare Finance


Naval School of Health Sciences

B.A. Health Sciences

Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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