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Ursula Wiebusch, BS, RRT (Ret. Detective)

Ursula Wiebusch

Photographer & Investigator

Ursula joined E.C.P.S. as a photographer in April 2022.


Photography is a hobby she picked up in retirement. Having attended seances and experienced paranormal activity in the past, Ursula likes to keeps an open mind about the paranormal.


She believes any moment, any opportunity, can lead to a completely new way of thinking about the paranormal. Through photography, Ursula hopes to capture evidence to help the E.C.P.S. provide logical conclusions for clients. Research and education is what makes Ursula excited about joining E.C.P.S.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of New England and an associate’s degree in Respiratory Care from Goodwin University.



University of New England

B.S. Science


Goodwin College

A.S. Respiratory Care

Contact Ursula:

Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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