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Trish Blanchette

Trish Blanchette

Historian & Investigator

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When it comes to work, Trish has always had a leadership role.


Usually, she starts at the bottom so she can learn everything there is to know about her new role. This way, when it comes time for her to take on a leadership position, she knows what she is talking about and knows how to make a difference. Since COVID-19, Trish has undertaken a new career path in the insurance world as a claims adjuster.


Although Trish is a believer in the paranormal, she is also a skeptic and will not just believe it, but needs proof. This mindset of finding the truth led her to pursuing an interest in joining E.C.P.S.


Trish has a certificate in Paralegal Studies and, during the pandemic, went back to school to get her certificate in Medical Billing and Coding at Goodwin University.



Goodwin University

Certificate - Medical Billing & Coding


CT Business Institute

Certificate - Paralegal Studies

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Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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