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David Bray, BS, LMT, ACSM-EP

David Bray

Co-Founder & Manager

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David holds various job titles and currently works in multiple roles, including being a licensed orthopedic massage therapist, exercise physiologist, cadaver lab assistant, tutor, and martial arts instructor.

David possesses unique abilities as a clairsentient medium and empath, enabling him to perceive energies from individuals, locations, and objects. His diverse talent allows him to engage with spirits and perceive energies from both the past and present.

Despite his spiritual gift, David's strong scientific background fosters a highly skeptical approach toward paranormal claims. He believes that substantial evidence is crucial before labeling anything as paranormal. Consequently, as the co-founder, his responsibility is to explore all potential avenues before reaching an official conclusion.


David remains dedicated to expanding his knowledge and education in order to gain a deeper understanding of the paranormal. Currently, he is pursuing a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine (D.C.) and is also enrolled as a Master's student in Clinical Nutrition (M.S.) at the University of Bridgeport.



University of Bridgeport

D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic

M.S. Clinical Nutrition


Southern Connecticut State University

B.S. Exercise Science - Human Performance

Concentration: Pre-Medical

High Honors


Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

Certificate - Massage Therapy

High Honors

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Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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