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David Bray, BS, LMT, EP-C


David has multiple job titles and currently works as a licensed orthopedic massage therapist, exercise physiologist, cadaver lab assistant, and martial arts instructor.

David is a strong clairsentient medium and empath and is able to sense energies from people, places, and objects. His diverse empathic gift allows him to communicate with spirits and to observe past and present energies.

Despite his spiritual gift, David's strong background in the sciences causes him to be extremely skeptical to paranormal claims. He feels that hard evidence is necessary before referring to anything as paranormal. Therefore, it's his job as lead investigator to exhaust all possible options before making an official judgment call.​


David is continuing his pursuit of knowledge and education to better understand the paranormal. He is currently a doctor of chiropractic candidate and master's student in clinical nutrition at the University of Bridgeport.



University of Bridgeport

D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic

M.S. Clinical Nutrition


Southern Connecticut State University

B.S. Exercise Science - Human Performance

Concentration: Pre-Medical



Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

Certificate - Massage Therapy


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