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A Night Out with Friends

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Location: Undisclosed.

Before I tell this story, I want to preface by saying I was not involved with a paranormal team when this happened. In fact, I was a novice and just curious about the spirit world in general. I absolutely do not condone or recommend trespassing, especially when there are posted signs! Also, we had a designated driver on this night. I absolutely do not approve of drinking and driving.

It was St. Patrick’s Day, many years ago. My cousin, friends, and I had fun walking around the town enjoying the festivities. Lots of dancing and laughing and having a great time, making lots of memories. We walked around the town going from one bar to another. Eventually, the bars closed but we were still pumped up and full of energy. Someone decided we should go check out the woods, and so we did.

We drove ten minutes away to a trail head and started our descent on the path. At first it was great, the moon provided lots of light for us -- until we reached the thick of the woods, now everything was much darker and getting spooky. We did have flashlights, but I was still nervous walking about in the woods at night; it had an ominous feeling about it. Something about not being able to see what I was hearing, not being able to pinpoint the exact location was very intimidating to me.

What was I hearing? The same sound one hears during the day is less creepy than at night. Was it a deer walking by or a squirrel running up a tree? No idea, I was creeped out and eventually requested to leave. We were in the woods for about an hour or so. I was very glad to be headed back into town. As fun as that was, it was an uneasy feeling for me. Besides, it was cold that night. We were dressed for the indoors.

Driving back to the hotel, we noticed a cemetery. My cousin said, “You all wanna go?”

“Hell ya!" was the response from all of us.

Why not? Most of us were already full of hops and spirits from earlier. Let’s go!

This cemetery was kind of hidden, but still near the road and the sign stated it was patrolled by the police. That didn’t stop us. We went in.

We arrived at the cemetery and started to make our way in. My fear was more of getting caught trespassing than seeing a ghost. I pushed on anyway. The others didn’t seem scared, my cousin told me she used to visit here all the time during the day with her sister. She said there were a few children’s graves. It was so dark, we needed a light, but we didn’t want to risk being seen, so we walked carefully using the moon beams to guide us.

It was around 4 AM. The headstones were old and shifted; they were from the early 1900s. It didn’t take us long to find a stone-like structure. My cousin later told me it was a cold storage, they would keep the corpses in it until Spring when the ground thawed, that’s when they could dig the grave. I was too chicken to enter, where I am sure I could have warmed up a little bit. One friend took my camera and snapped pictures. It wasn’t until the next day or so that I went through my camera reel, reminiscing about that night.

That is when I discovered we captured something. I would say we captured a ghost, but what is a ghost? What do you see in the image below? Please post your answer in the comment section and let me know what you think!

Note: the very top of the photo is not a light, it is the finger of the person that took the photo.

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Oh wow! I see something crawling toward the camera, kind of on all fours, with the front "arms" being very obvious. Maybe the apparition of a child? Awesome pic!


Mark Leavitt
Mark Leavitt
Jun 04, 2023

Definitely an apparition of some kind. An earthbound soul of a dead person perhaps? I took the photo and intensified the colors to get a little more clarity; I see a circular apparition and also extending onto the back wall with some weird faces in it. It could be just the flash/pixelation effect. In any event, the apparition is very clear and from what I see too, extends over on the right-side wall. -Mark Leavitt, S. Windsor CT

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