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Visitor on the Job Site

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I have been working in Stonington, CT for about three months. I have been replacing all the rotten trim and siding with new. I often pick up on the energy of spirits that are attached to different properties. Sometimes, spirits will come forward and show themselves to me, just as if the client comes out to check on the progress of the work I am doing.

My crew and I were on a break and I was sitting in my truck when I noticed someone moving in the woods in front of me.  What I saw was a person walking over a stone wall back towards me and the property. Apparently, I was the only one who saw the person because my crew didn’t make a comment. This is also how I knew it was a spirit.

I grabbed my phone and took a series of pictures. What you see below is what I captured:

The spirit walked diagonally across the woods and stood by a tree:

The spirit eventually walked closer. He changed his level of manifestation each time. This is the last picture that he was seen in:

In this picture it appears that he is leaning around the tree with his right arm and leaning to the left.

I am not sure if the following visions have anything to do with my visitor, but I like to think so. They could also be connected to an upcoming case we have.

While driving down the driveway, I received a vision of a Native American male. He is a bit shorter than me, maybe around 70”. His hair was pulled back loosely. He had red markings “painted” on his face starting from the corner of his eyes near the bridge of his nose and went diagonally towards the corner of his jaw. He wore no feathers in his hair, but he had winged arms. He wore no shirt but had leather bands around his wrist with three distinct tassels on each one.

He moved about with his arms outstretched as if he was flying. He would move circularly but stop before making a full circle, then change direction. He made this movement three times and then he stopped. He looked at me and stated, “The cry of the hawk!” Again, I have no idea what this means. The hawk itself represents a new psychic awakening but is that what this was? Was this his name? Was that his spirit in the woods?

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