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A Voice from the Past

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

In 1996, a good friend and co-worker who I will identify as “MC” died tragically. He was my co-worker and jokingly I called him my little brother. MC was young, and good looking. He had his whole life still ahead of him.

MC always had a comb in his back pocket and his clothes were always neat and clean. I honestly cannot recall a time where I saw him look as if he just woke up from bed. The event that caused MC’s death prevented his family from holding an open casket at his funeral.

I thought of MC often after his death. One thought that consumed me was his appearance. How did he feel knowing that the event that caused his death also disfigured his appearance? I myself am far from being a vain person, but I cared deeply for MC, and this caused me concern.

Months, even years after his death, I would see glimpses of MC. Because my mother knew him, I would say, "Did you just see MC?" Sometimes she agreed, other times she reminded me he was dead.

In 2001, I attended a Séance event held by Susan Northrop. I attended this event with a former boyfriend and his adult daughter, and went hoping to connect with my great uncle, but instead MC arrived. The Séance took place in a large hotel conference center in a major city. It was attended by at least a couple hundred people. I recall sitting in the middle section facing the stage, second seat in, perhaps fifteen rows up. My then boyfriend sat on one side of me and his daughter on the other.

As Susan Northrop walked up our side of the middle section, I heard her say, “ a brother, but not a brother.” People began jumping up shouting out things like, “It’s my cousin, Ed!" or “Me, me! It’s my brother!” I simply sat there watching everything unfold waiting and hoping for my uncle to come forward.

As Susan Northrop paused about five rows from us, I turned suddenly to my boyfriend’s daughter and whispered MC’s full name. Without hesitation, Susan Northrop announced the spirit with whom she was communicating acknowledged to her that his full name was said. I turned back to boyfriend’s daughter and began to cry. Susan Northrop approached and said to me, “He wants you to know he is okay with appearance.”

Susan Northrop then walked away and began to address another spirit coming to speak with their loved one. I felt such peace at that moment and thereafter. I never saw MC again.

MC has never left my thoughts; I am at peace for him. I have told this story to a select few and always tell people to take from it what they will. I have my beliefs and nothing or no one will change them.

This past fall, the team investigated a library in Mystic, CT. Although I shared this story with team members and staff present, I simply shared it for the moment not thinking anything more. However, MC apparently wanted to remind me that he is always close by. After the investigation was complete, Eli was reviewing an audio file and heard “Hey, Ursula."

Eli sent me a message asking me to listen and report back what I heard. I burst out crying the minute I heard MC say, “Hey, Ursula." I am 100% sure that the voice that was captured is my friend MC. Again, no one can tell me otherwise and I feel honored that my friend is still by my side. Please check out the audio clip below.

- Ursula

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