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Reiki Revisited

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

2023, I hope is going to be a great year. To help in having a successful year, I am going to be writing blogs monthly focusing on self-healing, spiritual counseling, case studies, and other advice for becoming a better you. I thought I would start out with my journey to becoming healthy spiritually.

It was a year ago I wrote a blog about my client that I referred to my good friend and Reiki practitioner, Melissa. The experience my client had with Reiki and the experience I had psychically during her experience, prompted me to schedule a session with Melissa. After all, if I am going to refer clients to have Reiki, I should experience it first-hand.

I scheduled my first session in the late summer of 2022. I decided prior to the session that I would go into it with some intentions. Basically, what I could get out of it. I wasn’t doing this in a selfish manner. It was like going to the doctor for a specific reason. I asked for Reiki to help in healing and to obtain a higher consciousness of my surroundings. My knowledge of Reiki is that it goes or works on what is needed, not just my wants. That being said, I went in with my intentions and opened myself to what Reiki could do for me.

My most vivid memories from that session were a release of this enormous energy, meeting one of my spirit guides, and the multitude of colors. I started the session by counting backwards from 10. This is an exercise I do when I go into a meditated state and forces me to become centered and focused on the tasks at hand. Melissa started at my head, and I could immediately feel her energy and the connection between us.

This rush of energy was something I haven’t felt at this level. I literally felt energy run through my body. Something I wasn’t quite prepared for. I’m not sure if this is normal for all her clients or if it was me. After a few minutes, I accepted the process and continued on with my journey. First, it was the all the colors I saw. They started out muted and then became vibrant. Then the colors were cleared, and I saw one of my guides and he was there to introduce me to another one. All of us have spirit guides. My belief is that they are with us to assist us on our life path. Unlike angels that are with us for protection, guides are just that, guides.

The spirit guide I was introduced to was from an ancient time. She was Asian and dressed in an elaborate costume. She was quite beautiful. Her name was Malay. That’s how I am spelling her name, but unsure if that is the correct spelling. Malay assured me that I was on the correct path and to be prepared for more of the same. After her message, she, and my other guide faded back into the colors. This was about the same time my session ended. It was an amazing experience.

The new year was approaching, and I could tell that I needed to focus on shedding 2022 and all its energy, good and bad. So, I decided to have another session with Melissa. One of my New Year’s resolutions was that I would consciously perform at least two acts of kindness a day. One act would be to my family and the other, to friends or strangers. This was also going to be one of my intentions when I had my session. The other intentions were to rid negativity to clear a wider opening to my abilities.

The session started out much like the first one I had. While Melissa prepared to give Reiki, I formulated my intentions and focused on the gift that I was about to receive. As before, I could feel the energy coming from Melissa. My session began with me in this fog. If you could picture the fog rolling in from the water or a scene from a movie based in London, England. Then an amazing thing happened. Clara, who is one of Melissa’s spirit guides, came to me and basically scolded me. Telling me, “Just let this work and let it go.” I did just that. I counted backwards from 10 and allowed myself to accept Reiki.

The fog cleared away and I was surrounded by these awesome colors much like my first experience. These colors were more defined by the colors green, blue, and purple. The best way to describe the colors was when you see oil sitting on top of water. As I mention water, that is where I found myself. I was submerged in the ocean. I felt weightless. I was deep enough in the water that I could just see the sunlight and I saw the silhouettes of a whale and many stingrays. They were swimming above me so gracefully. It seemed like forever; I watched them swim above me. As I was submerged underwater, I suddenly felt this pull from my feet. I felt this sensation of someone pulling something out of my body through my feet. I remembered that it hurt and was unpleasant. I didn’t fight it, I couldn't.

After what I described as an extraction, I was transported out of the water and into the night sky. I remember seeing me go through the clouds and then amongst the stars. I wasn’t afraid. I felt this was all part of my journey and the gift of Reiki. I can’t explain exactly how I felt. It was euphoric. I was up there for what I thought was eternity. Once my time was nearly up, I could feel myself gently float back down and ended up in a field of colors. The same colors I saw when my session began. I felt my guides hold my hands and lead me back. I was fascinated with my experience with the whales and stingrays. I did some research on the spiritual meaning of them and this is what I found.

“Whales are some of the most spiritual significant animals on Earth. For many cultures, they represent strength, wisdom, and freedom. In Native American culture, whales are often seen as bringers of good luck and fortune.”

“Whales are associated with healing and protection. In some traditions, it’s said that whale songs can connect us to the spirit world” (Spiritual Desk).

Native American Symbolism: Adaptability and change.

Celtic Symbolism: Transformation and change. A sense of rebirth and the ability to deflect negativity.

Christian Symbolism: Hope and resurrection.

Eastern Symbolism: Sign of good luck.

Wow! My intentions going into Reiki are reflected in my visions and help support the idea that my guides are with me assisting me on my life’s path. The colors I saw represent similar meanings. Growth and empowerment, and spiritual rebirth and growth. I am going to go on record that I give credit and praise to God. Because of Him, all of these things are possible.

I encourage all of you to seek out a Reiki practitioner. Your experience won’t be like mine. It shouldn’t be. I can promise it will be amazing. If you are local to Eastern Connecticut, I highly recommend Melissa from "Reiki with Melissa." She can be contacted by email;

If you are needing spiritual counseling or advice with the paranormal, feel free to contact me at: If you have a particular topic that you would like to see discussed in future blogs, let me know.

Chris O’Connor, MA

Co-Founder/Gifted Psychic Medium

Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society

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