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Photography & the Paranormal: Part 2

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Google photography and paranormal, see what pops up. I came across a whole host of suggestions for equipment; cameras, camcorders, infrared light sources, night vision cameras, infrared cameras (thermal camera), assortments of lenses and tripods, just to name a few.

Here's some of the image capturing tools I and fellow members of E.C.P.S. use on our investigations. I always have my DSLR camera, two lenses (one telephoto, the other wide angle), a tripod, and the ever-important extra set of batteries. Although I often just use the camera’s flash, I carry a detachable flash too, just in case.

In the future I may consider altering my camera into a full-spectrum camera. This is accomplished by swapping the built-in IR filter for a clear filter. By doing so, the clear filter allows for the camera to see the full spectrum (of wavelengths), capturing near-infrared to near-ultraviolet. Many in the paranormal research community believe spirits are visible in near-infrared and near-ultraviolet light. Therefore, a full spectrum camera enables raw light in and increases the chances of capturing evidence.

Other camera/video equipment the E.C.P.S. team uses to aid in our research are night vision cameras, camcorders and thermal imaging cameras. Each has its purpose and ability to aid in capturing a spirit image. One item I hope to incorporate onto my camera is the infrared light source. By attaching the light to my camera, I hope to capture a spirit image one day.

Team member Melissa uses a camcorder during our investigations as well. The camcorder has night vision capabilities, which impresses me. Night vision is the ability to use low ambient light to capture an image. I recall the first time I had the opportunity to use night vision goggles. I was sitting in a field in Kruger National Park. The guide instructed us to sit very still and just peer through our goggles. Out from the tree line slowly marched a bull elephant. It was an incredible sight; one I will never forget.

On investigations the team will place a stationary full spectrum camera in an area where they believe they will have the best chance at capturing a spirit. I am one of the team members who reviews the recordings. I am always fascinated by what is captured by our cameras. Sometimes it is the family pet, other times it is a dust particle floating through the air. It never gets old for me.

The team is also fortunate to have thermal imaging cameras. One is designed to attach to a cellphone and allows the user to view thermal images on the cellphone screen. The second is an actual handheld device which member Trish recently purchased. Thermal imaging cameras create images using infrared radiation. Unlike night vision cameras which use low ambient light, thermal imaging requires no light and can penetrate through fog and smoke. The thermal camera detects different temperatures to create the image. For example, objects that are cold will appear black while objects giving off heat will appear white. Many thermal imaging cameras use colors to identify the difference in an object’s temperature and that of its surroundings.

The team members of E.C.P.S. have at their fingertips tools to help investigate paranormal claims. A variety of cameras, light sources, etc. to aid in the capture of photographic and video evidence. It is a fascinating world we live in, the ability to see and record our world for me is even more fascinating. I hope you have enjoyed this very brief discussion and I look forward to sharing the photographs I capture on behalf of E.C.P.S. Stay well.

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