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Different Expectations

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

I recently gave a reading to a woman I’d met at one of our presentations. The time and place were set. On my way to the location, the client messaged me to let me know that her boyfriend would be joining us.

I didn’t mind the extra person. This just meant that I would have to put the visions I was receiving for the woman aside and focus on the boyfriend. If I know of a reading ahead of time, I like to focus on the energy of the person I’ll be reading. See if I can ask my guides to start gathering information -- sort of a foundation, if you will.

I only had about ten minutes to focus on the boyfriend, but I was able to get an idea of what he was searching for.

At the reading, we did our meet-and-greet and got comfortable at a table in the corner.  I went through my spiel, asking if they had been to a medium before. I explained how I get visions and messages from spirits, and that I also sometimes read energy belonging to the living. I told them, “I get what I get, and I don’t get what I don’t get.”

Let me start by telling you what their expectations were (many say they don’t have any expectations). She wanted to know her life path, and was wondering if anyone from her past relationships would come forward. The boyfriend wasn’t sure what to expect, but clearly was looking for answers.

What amazes me is what comes out of my mouth during a reading. I am merely repeating what I am being told. Sometimes I will say something regarding the person I am reading and get no response. Other times, I get an immediate response. It is the delayed reaction that I get a kick out of. That was the case with the boyfriend. Again, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but in his words: “Didn’t expect that!”

In almost all the readings I give, the client is looking for a message from a specific loved one who has passed. I try to oblige, but ultimately whether I receive that message or not is up to the loved one.

I once gave a reading to a woman who wanted to hear from her parents. She had lost them at a young age and wanted to know if she had their approval. I was able to give her some validation, but she received so much more than that. Not only did her parents come forward, but many of her extended family did as well. Even a loved one from her husband’s side came forward, which I feel was the real reason our paths crossed.

So, here’s my advice to those seeking readings from a medium: be open. Be open to possibility that the answer or message you seek may not be what you end up getting from the reading. It is an incredible gift when your loved ones come through and give you messages. Sometimes the message is what you want, but mostly, it is the message that you need.

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