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Case Summary - Oxford, MA

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This blog details the events of Eastern CT Paranormal Society’s investigation of a private residence in Oxford, MA.

Our first visit to the home was back in November 2018. From what I can recall, it was an exciting investigation but did not produce any tangible or objective evidence. Most of what we received was subjective in nature. To be honest, I didn’t remember much from this visit other than Chris saying there was the spirit of a woman looking for her baby – and that she was insane (literally). The upstairs level of the home was creepy, and I can remember Ruby being scared and/or nervous on a few different occasions. The house seemed to affect her the most. However, the investigation was interesting enough that it prompted a return visit. We felt that there was a story that needed to be told and we were confident we were going to get it.

The house was built in the 1700s and was initially home to a prominent family. The owners’ claims range from seeing shadows moving in the hallways, hearing footsteps and noises that seem to be coming from unknown sources - and the doorbell seemingly rings on its own. Other than that, the homeowners are not bothered by the spirits present. They are genuinely interested in the phenomena and want to know more.

On March 30, 2019, we returned to the home to perform the second investigation. It would prove to be a challenge for myself both empathically and personally. I feel that the case elevated me to new heights and has tapped into a potential that I was previously unaware of.

When we first arrived, we set up the same way we always do; we ran IR cameras in 6 different rooms, grabbed our recorders, EMF meters and handhelds, and got to work. We sat at the dining room table and “connected” to the house and to each other. We do this before we begin to ensure that our energies are synchronized with the house and with the spirits. It’s a form of protection and helps us to attain answers in our search for the unknown. We started our endeavor upstairs in the master bedroom where we previously gathered insight into the female spirit in search of her baby. At first, it was quiet. I got ahead of myself and started thinking this was going to be another mundane investigation. Little did I know that the night would soon test my abilities as an empath.

After a brief donut break, we once again sat around the dining room table. I sat at one head of the table and Ruby sat at the other. About 5-10 minutes later, Chris asked us to switch places. The spirit of a former server was communicating to him that we were in the wrong seats and was confused as to why. It was the seat-switch that started the night off on the right (some would say, the wrong) track.

I immediately began to feel different, and apparently, so did Ruby. I couldn’t quite place exactly what I was feeling, but it wasn’t like anything I’ve experienced before. I started to get visions of a man with a mustache, probably in his early to mid-20s, good-looking and fit, and he was being thrown into a body of water. At this point, I was confused.

We started up the spirit box to perform a communication session and began to ask questions. We were also using a flashlight, an audio recorder, and a K2 meter (EMF detector). To our surprise, the only device that seemed to be reacting intelligently to our questions was the K2 meter. On most cases, it is very much the opposite.

Suddenly, I felt extremely sad to the point that I wanted to cry. It hit me like a ton of bricks. However, all the lights were off, and I kept my composure as not to disturb the session, until I noticed Ruby was crying as well. For some reason, the visualization of seeing her cry made my own feelings much more intense. I didn’t quite understand it because I am not known for my outgoing emotions, let alone showing tears in any sort of situation. Ruby claimed that she too did not understand why she was so sad.

Throughout this session, Chris asked the question “Who’s dead?” to which a woman’s voice audibly answered, “Not me!” from the kitchen. It was so loud that most of the team heard it. Upon further questioning, the same woman’s voice was heard on 3 more occasions, in the silence of the house, while we were all sitting at the table. Not only did she speak, she was humming a song each time. If you’ve never experienced hearing a woman hum a song while no one else is in the house, then you don’t know terror. It was fascinating and terrifying all in one.

From here, my emotions bounced back and forth from extreme sadness to extreme anger. I began to feel paranoid and kept looking over my shoulders toward the doors and windows. Needless to say, I felt very odd. I did not feel like myself at all and visions of this man kept clouding me. It was my interpretation that this man’s name was Thomas. I was fighting the urge to ask Ruby what she was feeling, but I felt like she either had answers or was going through what I was going through. Either way, the story began unfolding.

At this time, Chris received the name “Thomas” as well along with the name’s “Emily” and “Catherine.” Emily was the daughter of the prominent man who owned the house and Catherine was the midwife (I am unsure of the era that they lived in the home). Chris described the homeowner as a “fat slob” and a despicable person.

Emily was the insane woman from our first visit who was looking for her baby and what we believe happened is that Emily became pregnant with Thomas’ child and her father forbade it. He proceeded to tell Catherine (the midwife) to take the baby out and smash its head in the rocks, to dispose of it. There was no way that his daughter was going to have a bastard child and disgrace the family name. In a turn of events, Catherine chose to disobey this command and sent the baby away in a litter of kittens without telling anyone, including the mother (Emily). Therefore, Emily spent her life thinking that her baby was killed; her baby was ripped from her hands at birth.

My empathic abilities were in full-force now. Paranoia continued and these feelings were becoming overwhelming. I began to feel suffocated and my neck felt constricted. I felt like I got punched in the mouth and had sudden sharp shooting pains in my arms as if they were breaking. It got to a point where I literally yelled out because the pain hurt so bad.

Well, it all made sense shortly after once we discovered that Thomas was beaten, dragged, and hanged by Emily’s brother and his friends, on orders from her father. They threw his body in the river. He found out that his daughter and Thomas were having a secret relationship (someone snitched) and that was it. Thomas went away and never returned, and Emily was left thinking that he left her out of the blue while she was pregnant. However, Emily never told Thomas she was pregnant. She either didn’t get a chance to or thought it would complicate things.

Come to find out, I was sitting right where Thomas would have sat when he was visiting with Emily (when the father was out) and Ruby was sitting where Emily would have sat. The paranoia I was feeling was due to the secrecy of the relationship between him and Emily and the not-knowing of when the father was coming back.

After a while, I needed to go outside and get some fresh air – recharge my batteries if you will. But when I came back inside, I immediately felt the same emotions. I couldn’t shake it. I knew the story needed to be told. I knew amends needed to be made and I needed to find out exactly what the spirits wanted from us.

Later, I came under the impression that I had become a vessel for Thomas. In the same way that some mediums can become a channel for spirits, I had become one as well, only empathically. I believe Ruby was acting as a vessel for Emily in the same way. We decided to perform an EVP session with just the two of us. During this session, we received intelligent responses from the K2 meter. Ruby and I almost began communicating as if we were Thomas and Emily.

The anger and sadness I was feeling was the sensation of lost hope, of fate being ripped from my grasp. I realized I was living the sensation of being dead. I was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. Both Thomas and Emily never got to live their life paths and never got to experience life together. For some reason, we feel like the reason we were being channeled into was so Thomas and Emily could communicate with each other through us. Thomas was angry that he was killed so ruthlessly. He was angry he never knew about the baby. He was angry at her father.

I cannot speak directly for Ruby, but I believe the sadness she was feeling was because she believed her entire life that her baby was murdered. She believed that Thomas, the man she loved, left her. According to Chris, Emily’s hatred for her father ran so deep that she left him to choke on his dinner one night and he died watching her walk away. We asked Thomas and Emily if they wanted us to feel what they felt, and I really wish we hadn’t because that’s when all the physical pain (from Thomas being murdered) and all the deep-seated emotions hit me at once.

Although this story is highly subjective, we hope to attain records that lead us to the actuality of these events occurring. The names aren’t definitive, but we do believe it happened. I can humbly say that I’ve never felt the sensation of being dead and I’ve never felt the profound sadness, anger, and love that emanated through me before that night.

All-in-all, I have tapped into a new ability. I believe that my gift is allowing me to learn and experience things I didn’t think were possible. Although it is tough and scary to think about, I am excited to see what this new ability leads to for both myself and my team.

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