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Newberg Public Library Investigation

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

During a December cross-country trip, E.C.P.S.' photographer took part in an investigation of the Newberg Public Library in Newberg, Oregon.

The library settled into its current location in 1912, after its humble beginnings in 1908 as a corner of the local YMCA. The original 1912 structure, known then as the Newberg Carnegie Library, was expanded in 1986, and the Carnegie building is now the Carnegie room in the larger, modern Newberg Public Library. Interestingly, the original exterior wall is in part preserved, and can be seen from inside parts of the new section.

All claims of possible paranormal activity reported to investigators involved phenomena taking place in the older section of the library. Multiple people had seen, on separate occasions, the apparition of a man in brown pants. The man had been seen in a corner of the Carnegie room that now houses periodicals, but at one time, before the expansion, housed the circulation desk. Investigators, not knowing the history, naturally gravitated to this corner of the room, settling there for their first EVP session after conducting routine baseline measurements of the space. It’s important to go into any investigation with at least one team member who is in the dark about any specifics of the client’s claims; this is an opportunity to compare naïve impressions with known history of the space. In this case, the three investigators were joined by a library employee, who told investigators the history of unexplained phenomena only after investigators had settled naturally in the area where the man in brown pants had been seen.

What followed was an evening of impressions, questions, measurements, and earnest pursuit of the truth. As this wasn’t an official E.C.P.S. case, details of the investigation and its outcome will remain between the investigators and the client. If you find yourself in Newberg, go take a look at the periodicals corner of the Carnegie room – and if you see the man in brown pants, please answer a burning question we have: what else is he wearing!?

We at E.C.P.S. wish you a very happy New Year.

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