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Case Summary - Rehoboth, MA

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

On February 18, 2017, our team headed out to Rehoboth, MA for an investigation. Unlike the many other investigations before it, this one was different. This time, our investigative procedure was a secondary process as our main concern was on the individual as opposed to the home itself.

The homeowner called us about three weeks prior to our arrival. He was reporting some pretty heavy claims such as: levitation, physical attacks, mental attacks, health issues, seeing shadows, feelings of being watched, etc.

Now, these are claims we hear all the time. In fact, most of the people who call us claim to be experiencing symptoms of this sort; a demonic haunting as you will. However, a demonic haunting is extremely rare and is hardly ever the case. Most circumstances reveal the cause to be negative entities in the home or an underlying psychological issue within the self.

But before we actually do an initial investigation, our team goes through a research phase. We research the history of the towns, homes, or areas we’ll be heading to and even go as far as to research information on the homeowners.

Our mission statement is to find the truth. We do this to help people and we want to help them however we can, but the paranormal has no scientific basis and has not yet been explained by rational law. Therefore, our investigation is not just one of “ghost hunting,” but an investigation into everything that commands the situation at hand. We must rule out all other options before deeming something as paranormal in nature. In fact, in most cases, we list our evidence under “unexplained,” as the paranormal does not have an actual scientific definition.

This should not be taken as offensive in any manner as that is not our intention. Our intention is one of understanding and we are educated individuals from all walks of life. We will never dismiss anyone’s claims, but in order for us to “prove” something, we must exhaust all possible options, and that includes clients’ psychological and medical histories.

After all, there are two of us who work and have experience in the healthcare field.

Our research on the case at hand gave us very little information. All we had to go on were the client’s claims – so not much. We usually do a formal interview with the client before the actual investigation so we can meet each other, check out the home, and gather more information, but since Rehoboth, MA is a fairly long drive, we decided to do the interview the same day, a couple hours before the investigation.

Upon meeting the client, we could instantly tell that he looked exhausted. His skin was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, he had huge bags under his eyes, and he was cold to the touch. It was evident that something was going on with this man. Our first thoughts were ones of medical concern.

After talking with the client, we discovered that he would see flashes of light and would experience headaches and fatigue. In one instance, he saw a flash of blue light and fainted shortly after with no recollection of what had happened. He had not been to see a physician for these symptoms and told us he had no previous neurological exams done. He also suffers from Crohn’s disease and experiences frequent urination and severe chest pain.

During the interview, we kept a camera on him at all times. We were looking for signs of possible petite mal seizures or other neurological cues that may have given us an answer. He exhibited none of these symptoms throughout the entire night and displayed no physical cues of lying or nervousness. His story did not change over time either. The only cue we were able to gather was one of eye contact – as he would not make it at first. There was a subconscious barrier present, which usually indicates a lack of trust or hopelessness.

When we asked the client about his childhood, we couldn’t gather much information. He could not remember it. In fact, he could not remember much of his teenage years. In many cases, this is due to a traumatic experience which leads to dissociation from reality. Many people will literally forget the events that occurred to avoid dealing with the issues. It is a subconscious and autonomic process. So even though we were unable to determine what may have happened during his childhood (there were reasons I cannot list), we were able to determine that the possibility was likely.

The client also told us that he used to be a paranormal investigator. He believed that he picked up a negative attachment from the Bridgewater Cemetery, a notoriously haunted location in MA. He told us that he did not wear his crucifix (for protection) on the day that he went and his life has not been the same since.

So here we have a man who is struggling not only with physical ailments, but with a troubled past and to top it all off, he feels that he is being attacked spiritually as well.

I decided to do an energy reading on him. My energy readings converge theoretical principles of both the chakras (from Indian theory) and the meridians (from Chinese theory). I quickly discovered that this man’s personality is governed by the Water Element.

Each element type contains various characteristics. The Water Element person is governed by the emotion of fear. This corresponds specifically to a fear of failure, a fear of not being good enough, or a fear of being forgotten. This emotion is why so many Water types tend to suffer from anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and the like. It drives them in everything they do in life. The Water person’s favorite color is usually blue or black, as his was dark blue. The primary water meridians (channels) of the body are the bladder and kidney meridians. The bladder meridian runs from the inside corner of the eyes all the way down the back of the body to the little toes. The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the feet, up the front of the body, to the top of the sternum of the chest. There are many more traits that go into each personality type, but all of the traits determined fit the case to a tee. An excess of chi (energy) in these regions can lead to a homeostatic disturbance within the other systems. The kidney meridian runs straight through the chest and all of his physical symptoms can be associated with an excess (Jitsu) flow of chi in these meridians. However, if there is an excess flow of chi in one region, there must be a deficiency (kyo) in others.

Now, his chest pain was caused by an excess flow of chi in the Water meridians, but those aren’t the only meridians that are associated with the thoracic region of the body. From a mere placement of hands three inches off of the client’s chest, you could feel an energy differential. The energy was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, and so on, so forth. His Heart chakra was suffering, as were his Heart meridians. This makes sense given what information we knew.

The Heart meridians are also governed by the Fire element, the opposing force of Water. Since Water puts out Fire, it tends to dominate the environment (body) and many Water types will experience depression and hopelessness because of it (Fire types are associated with excessive joy and happiness).

So now we knew what was going on energetically for our client. He needed to be healed on an energetic and spiritual level, and that is not something that pharmaceuticals could fix. The problem with allopathic medicine is that it primarily treats the symptoms and does not address the patient as a whole. His issues were stemming from his childhood and many other life circumstances. Deficient energies and a suppressed immune system can lead to vulnerability which can cause negative entities to latch on. They will feed off the negative energy and make your life a living hell.

We decided to do some EVP and Spirit Box sessions, but didn’t get much. It seems that the client was right in determining that the attachment was actually on him and not in the home itself. However, our medium (Chris) did pick up that there WAS a spirit present in the home, primarily residing in the basement, but it was not affecting the client in any way.

Overall, the home was extremely dark. The only light was given off mostly by lamps and the energy was, almost indescribable. It felt heavy and depressing to be in.

After the EVP sessions concluded, we decided to perform an energetic healing session with the client. We used a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy, Reiki (and other modalities), and prayer to incite healing and send positive affirmations to the client. Except this time, we also used it to lure the entity out of hiding.

When negative entities feel threatened, they tend to hide. They do not want to go away and they do not want any positive, high vibrational energy present. Therefore, by creating a new atmosphere and shifting the client’s mindset into a positive light, we could theoretically separate the entity’s attachment from the body, and that is exactly what we did.

Before the session began, I asked the client to come upstairs with me so we could talk. I told him that during the exercise, he will be taking deep breaths and will be focusing on clearing his mind. However, I instructed him to visualize inhaling his favorite color (dark blue) and visualize it spreading throughout his body with every breath. None of the other team members knew that I asked the client to do this.

A person’s favorite color is associated with their subconscious. It is used in hypnotherapy to bring out suppressed emotions and can even help a person remember life events.

As the energy session started, we sat down and began to build the energy between us. The energy acts as a wall against negative forces and do not allow them to penetrate the circle. It was especially evident during this time that our client was in dire need of healing. We brushed off the negative energy that was so clearly attached to him and began replacing it with positive ones. I asked Chris to pick a color and to say it out loud to see if he picked up on the client’s energy. He said, “Blue.” Although this could merely be a coincidence, it’s a pretty accurate assessment of the session since our client’s favorite color is blue and that is what he was visualizing the entire session. Over time, the client began to feel lighter. I don’t mean lighter as in the literal sense, but in a vibrant, healthy way. He was relaxing and allowing positive thoughts to enter his body and his mind. It was almost as if the negative entity detached itself from him. It could no longer hold on, and that is exactly what we wanted.

Chris saw a lady in white standing behind our client, almost as if holding her arms out in support. Just as Chris saw this, oddly enough, I thought of standing up behind the client and putting my hands on his shoulders. A subjective experience, but odd nonetheless. My only thought on this is that this spirit was trying to protect him, but the power of the negative entity was too much for her to come through. She might even be the one who reached out to our group (Chris) and helped us to get this case. Once we dialed the negative energy back, she was able to help.

Surprisingly enough, just as the entity detached itself, our IR camera clicked as if something or someone walked by it. Where the camera was positioned, it could not have been an animal and we were all sitting within a visual distance of it. The room got extremely cold and I felt something behind me. The TV suddenly turned on by itself. It’s almost as if something walked around our circle, but could not get through. The TV turned on and off a couple more times within the next fifteen minutes or so. The remote was sitting by itself on the table and no one else was present in the house.

I can’t explain the feeling of what it was like being in the house at the time. As silly as it sounds, it felt as if there were an energetic battle taking place. It felt as if something was trying to make us leave, or make us stop what we were doing.

Our client is of Roman Catholic faith. We began to say the Lord’s Prayer and commanded the entity to leave and go back to where it came from. It was no longer allowed in the house or near our client. But this wasn’t enough. Our client needed to say it, and he needed to mean it. We told him that it needed to come from the heart. He needed to take all of those suppressed emotions, all of that vent up anger, and release it. Tell it to leave, once and for all. With some positive reinforcement, he began to order it to leave him alone.

We opened a window and continued our session of prayer. Chris saw a hooded, child-like shadow figure standing in the corner of the room, as if he didn’t want to leave. He got up and began to tell the entity to leave through the window, but it would not budge. In fact, it was so strong that it pushed him back. Chris recruited Melissa to help him and together, they guided it toward the window and forced it out.

We closed the window and the entire house instantly felt lighter. I’m using the word indescribable a lot, but that is what it felt like. We turned on all of the lights. Our client’s eyes were no longer bloodshot. They were completely white. His skin had color. He looked better. He looked relaxed. He told us he felt like a new person.

Before leaving, we asked him to bless the house with Holy Water, but we were all going to do it together. We walked throughout the home, blessing all of the exterior doors and hitting every corner of every room. The feeling was once again, indescribable.

We have yet to go through our recordings or evidence from that night, but from what we looked at so far, grunts and moans could be heard during the blessing as our client was splashing Holy Water throughout the house. Negative entities tend to leave a residual footprint wherever they go, and if we were killing off the rest of that energy by blessing the home, then that is fine by us.

Our client is doing better and has been given daily exercises to help him throughout his life. As long as he keeps with positive thoughts, he will be fine. We are consistently sending him good vibes as well and continue to keep contact with him. If the entity comes back, then we will be there.

A lot of our cases deal with the paranormal, but every case is different. We cannot explain much of what we see or feel, but we know that it’s there. SOMETHING is there and it is our job to find the truth, whatever that may be. Our team has been on some pretty interesting cases, but this one was special. Our team was being guided from the moment we were contacted and we truly believe that. We don’t know whether to classify this case as an exorcism or a cleansing, and it really doesn’t matter. Either way, we will continue to find the truth and help people any way we can. We’re looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring and what the future will hold for the Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society.

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