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Case Summary - Somers, CT

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Empath Report

We first met Kevin and Ada, of Somers, CT, at one of our “The Truth Behind Investigating the Unknown” presentations. At the end of our lecture, Chris ended up giving Ada a reading and he was asked to perform a private reading at their home.

Several weeks later, Chris drove over to Kevin and Ada’s house to perform the reading. Chris wanted me to attend, but I had to work that day, so I told him to let me know how it went.

After Chris’ visit, he came back and told us that we had to go back. Another visit was necessary for two reasons: a house cleansing needed to be done, and we had to investigate the barn on the property. So, we booked the return visit.

Prior to the case, I was told no information from Chris other than an empath was needed. When we arrived, I got a sense of the surroundings. Kevin, Ada, and her daughter live next door to Kevin’s mother and father. There is an old cemetery just over the hill behind their house, and the barn is located in the backyard of the parents’ house. The barn seemed old, but from a distance, I couldn’t get an accurate read on it. Other than that, the property seemed positive in nature.

After introductions, we sat with the family and talked. I picked up on the sense that there was an interesting dynamic between Ada and her daughter. I opted to speak with Kevin and Ada separately, so I headed downstairs to do so one at a time while Chris stayed upstairs with the other. I discovered that there was a family history of Santeria and that their daughter was in Puerto Rico for a time, on her own. At one point, a private investigator was even hired to assist the family with locating her.

After reading both Ada and her daughter’s chakras, I could see that they were on two different pages with their energies. For example, Ada would be overstimulated or jitsu in her throat chakra (the center for expression and communication) when her daughter would be deficient or kyo.

Energy is much like anything else in life, it prefers balance. If one person’s energy level is too high whereas the others is too low, it can lead to clashes, fights, and general disagreements. If both parties want to communicate effectively, then Ada needs to come down a notch and her daughter needs to come up a notch and express her feelings more. Once their energies are closer together, they will balance out accordingly.

Please note that I am skipping a majority of the empathic reading due to client confidentiality as it contains a lot of personal information.

Once the readings were done, we began the house blessing. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a priest or religious clergy member to do this. If your faith is true, you can accomplish anything in His name.

During the house cleansing procedure, we used Holy Water, prayers, and good intent, for that is truly all that is needed. We walked the house room by room until we felt the energy shift into a more positive light. When we were done, we walked over to the parents’ house next door to meet back up with Kevin and Ada, who were waiting for us to finish up.

When we arrived, I noticed a bluish color emanating from Pam’s throat chakra. Now, unbeknownst to me, the first time Chris visited, he also performed a reading on them and noted that Pam’s aura was presenting itself as blue as well.

We walked over to the barn that Chris said we had to investigate. It was very old and there was music playing. I was told that Pam plays music for the spirits in the barn, which she believes are children. Upon entering, I noted certain words which came to me: loft, accident, purple, and game. Of course, in the moment I had no idea what these words meant, but over the course of the night, it was put together quite nicely.

Pam led us to what she calls the “secret room.” It is actually a loft which houses all of her Halloween decorations. She has it made up beautifully which I can genuinely appreciate since Halloween is by far the best holiday. So, we all sat down, grabbed the spirit box and audio recorder, and began an EVP session in the secret room.

Chris immediately began picking up on a boy he called Josiah. Now, prior to beginning our session, I took note of two energies in particular, a young male and a young female. When Chris started asking Josiah to come forward, I knew I was on the right path.

While Chris was asking questions to the spirits present, I began to take pictures. We will do this to help validate any communication we may receive through the spirit box or audio recorder. Once Chris asked Josiah to come forward, I caught a glimpse of a light anomaly. The photo was taken in burst mode and I could not recreate the photo in any way (see above).

As Chris continued his questioning, I couldn’t help but feel as if there were children present, playing a game of “Hide and Seek.” This feeling brought me back to the word game that I received upon entering the barn. Did Josiah die here while playing a game? Did he fall from the loft? I kept visualizing a boy falling onto stacks of hay. But still, I had no idea who he was, or what Chris knew about him.

Suddenly, Chris asked if a young girl named Heather would come forward. My first reaction was “Who?” I had no idea who this girl was, but figured she was the young female spirit I sensed earlier. When the spirit box began to chime back responses in the voice of a little girl, I put two and two together. Heather was Pam’s daughter who died from leukemia many years ago. I believe she was around 7 or 8. She greeted us with “Hi” and a “Hi Mom” to her mother. At one point, she even seemed to be telling Josiah that “It’s okay” to come forward and speak with us.

However, none of these responses came until Chris asked, “Heather, what's your favorite color?” - and I already knew the response. I received it earlier. Not moments later, Heather responded with “Purple.”

A little later on, Pam asked Heather if she was playing with friends on the other side, to which she responded that she was. I started taking more pictures and captured a similar photo to the one I got earlier, only this time it was right on Pam’s back. To us, this photo is just further proof that Heather came forward that night.

Once our goodbyes were said to Heather and Josiah, we exited the barn and the three of us went outside. Come to find out, Chris believes Josiah was a boy who was playing “Hide and Seek” or “Tag” with his sister when he climbed up a rope with a pulley, possibly to get away. He lost his grip, looked down, and noticed stacks of hay on the ground and thought he would be safe. However, what he didn’t know was that there was a hay grapple hook laying in the stacks and fell onto it. He died later the next day.

Chris’ vision of this incident is to me, validation that the feelings and words I received were accurate. It is quite amazing how two separate people with different gifts can draw similar conclusions about events that may have happened hundreds of years ago. In this case, Josiah probably lived during the early 19th century.

Once we reconvened with the family, it was evident that we made a positive impression. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to do this line of work and we are so glad we could help to reunite a grieving mother with her daughter, even for a brief moment.

It was and is a nice change from the majority of cases we receive – mostly dealing with malevolent entities and confusing dynamics. We are truly blessed to have met this family and be able to work with them, and we wish them well with all their future endeavors.

David Bray, B.S., L.M.T.

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Psychic Empath

Eastern CT Paranormal Society

Medium Report 1

I arrived at approximately 5:00 PM and we all met at Ada’s in-laws, Frank and Pam’s home. The introductions were done, and the session began.

Prior to the visit, I received visions of the number 5. Also, as the number 5 showed backwards. I experienced two physical signs on my way to Ada’s. One, I had an odd coughing fit. It came out of nowhere and lasted a short time. I also experienced arm pain.

I had asked about the physical signs and no one admitted to any of the symptoms. After the reading, Ada confessed for Frank and Pam. Pam has had a continuing cough in which Ada has been insisting she get checked out. Frank was experiencing arm pain due to a fall earlier in the day.

While speaking with Pam, she emanated a blue aura. The blue aura relates to the throat and thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, a sensitive, and an intuitive. She also had blue butterflies above her head. The butterfly itself indicates rebirth or a transcendent period in one’s life. Blue butterflies, in some cultures, are believed to be wish granters as well.

The first spirit visitor was Frank’s stepmother, Ann. She seemed annoyed because there were no tulips.  She wanted to know what happened to the tulips. Apparently, Frank mowed them down. Ann also made a stern statement to Pam saying, “Let him eat what he wants.” Pam has been watching Frank’s diet under medical advice.

Ada’s family started to come forward after. One of the aunts were claiming to me, “We want our turn.  You are supposed to be here for us.”

Ada’s aunts and mother were all speaking over each other. They all feel that Ada needs to move her life path to something else. She needs to work with families, she needs to be a nurse, she needs to be more.  Then Ada’s dad stepped forward. Ada’s dad appeared shorter but very fit. A strong person in strength and in personality. His word was gospel. The women in the family could make suggestions but when it came down to it, Ada’s dad made the decisions. He stated, “Ada had a legal mind, she needs to do that.”

I received a vision of the number 25. The number 25 was associated with a sports number and a young male. The number 25 was Ada’s son’s basketball team number. He was mad because he could not have the number 23 (Michael Jordan’s number) so his coach gave him the closest number instead. Ada’s mom watches him play basketball.

Ada’s mom also asked about the young female’s (granddaughter) lower leg injury. I believe she also has the number 25 for a team number. The statements from Ada’s mom regarding her grandchildren are validations that she visits and checks in from time to time.

I think the most important person who came forward was Heather. Heather is Pam and Frank’s daughter that passed from cancer as a young girl.

The vision started off with the color of purple, lilac to be exact. I asked what the meaning of the color was and both Pam and Frank indicated that it was their daughter’s favorite color. Heather showed herself as a vibrant little girl. She was twirling her hair with her fingers and was downright sassy. Pam validated that I was describing Heather. She always led the way. When there were games to play, she was the leader.  Heather wanted to thank her parents for keeping her dolls. She was particularly happy that Ada’s daughter Trinity plays with them. Heather does interact with Trinity often and is looking forward to when Ada’s youngest daughter can come and play too.

Heather wanted her mom to know that when she feels a brush across her face or when her dad feels pressure on his lap, that’s her. Heather has never left them. She knows Heaven and she walks with the angels.

This reading was awesome. I hope that the messages I received and delivered were helpful. The family has asked for some further assistance and my team and I are happy to help.

Christopher O’Connor, M.A.

Co-Founder/Psychic Medium

Eastern CT Paranormal Society

Medium Report 2

We were asked to come back to perform a house cleansing/blessing.  Also, to speak directly to their oldest daughter. Ada stated that the home seemed unbalanced and felt it was affecting her daughter.

My intention was for Dave to sit with their daughter and use his gifts as a psychic empath and energy worker. That was not to be. Ada’s daughter was very standoffish towards the group. She is 17 and displayed typical teenage behavior. I was able to speak with her and little by little she opened up. She asked a lot of questions about the paranormal and my gift of mediumship. Once she was into the conversation, she jumped on a social media site and began to brag about having a paranormal group at her home.

While I was speaking with Ada’s daughter, Dave and Melissa toured the home given by Ada. I am going to refer you to Dave’s report for his findings.

It was time to perform the house cleansing and blessing. We asked for the family to go next door to Kevin’s parent’s house and we would meet them there. We went through the house and blessed it with religious prayer and Holy Water. Once that was completed, we joined Ada and Kevin at his parents’ home.

The second part of our visit was to investigate the 200-year-old barn that was on the property. It was a large building with three specific areas. There was Frank’s workshop in the front of the barn. There was a large open area that was used for storage and there was a loft area. The loft area is where Pam has set up an area to display her collection of Halloween and other spooky items. She also plays children’s music for any potential spirits.

Melissa, Dave, and I went to the loft and was joined by Pam and Ada. We didn’t go with much equipment. Just a recorder, spirit box, and a video camera. Dave and Mel used the camera from their cell phones as well.

I went to the rail and instantly saw a male spirit come forward and he told me his name was Josiah. Josiah was a young man from the early 19th century, maybe 17 or 18 years old. Josiah died due to a freak accident. He was running from his sister in a game of tag or hide and seek. He attempted to climb up a rope that was on a pulley. He lost his grip and fell backwards into a hay pile. He thought he would be safe, but he fell on a large hook used to carry hay bales. The injury did not kill him right away, but he died the next day.

There was also spirit box activity. Please refer to the evidence report. However, I do want to mention one part of the spirit box session.

Heather, Pam’s daughter came forward. I asked Pam if Heather was allowed in the loft and she stated yes. I asked Heather to come closer so that we may speak to her. She seemed intimidated at first, but she eventually came close. There were a few attempts to get her to speak through the spirit box. It was when I asked Heather, “What was your favorite color?” that she replied, “Purple.” This made all of us very excited, especially Pam. It was more validation that Heather visits her parents. Heather was also able to say, “I love you” and “Goodbye.” Please refer to the evidence report for the full conversation.

Again, this was an amazing evening for our team and more so for Pam and Ada. They were able to hear Heather and found comfort that she was near.

Christopher O’Connor, M.A.

Co-Founder/Psychic Medium

Eastern CT Paranormal Society

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