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Case Summary - Enfield Demon House

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

On October 31, 2015, we investigated what’s notoriously known as the “Enfield Demon House."

The house was featured on Animal Planet’s “The Haunted” and Sci-Fi’s “The Haunted Collector." Jay and Elke Yaple were plagued by an evil entity since they bought the home in 2006. The house is over 200 years old and has a morbid history of 25+ deaths, ranging from homicides, suicides, accidents, and sickness. They went through a countless number of paranormal investigation teams, mediums, priests, shamans, and even a bishop until they were finally able to get rid of the demonic presence inhabiting their home. The goal of our investigation was to see once and for all if this demonic presence was still present.

The house is located on a side street in Enfield, Connecticut. The house was a duplex that was turned into a one family home, however much of the house is still vacant and is primarily used for storage at the moment. It seems, looks, and feels like a normal home with the exception that as soon as you walk in, the energy hits you square in the face.   Throughout the night, as I walked from room to room, I encountered various temperature changes. The air almost felt "alive". Certain rooms would be so cold that I had goosebumps whereas others would leave me feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Anyway, onto the investigation...

I arrived at the house around 8:30 PM. We set up base camp downstairs in the dining room and made sure all of our equipment was functional. Our gear consisted of the usual: flashlights, EMF meters, spirit boxes, video/audio recorders, cameras, walkie-talkies, and of course... extra batteries. There were ten of us who were going to be doing the investigation and we decided we were going to split up into two groups of five, each group being led by a more experienced investigator. We gathered our equipment, shut off the lights, and began our "ghost hunt."

Master Bedroom

The first room we visited was upstairs on the second floor: the master bedroom. My group and I sat on the floor in complete darkness and began an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. The room was cold and we could tell there was a presence, but it might have been too early for the energy to make itself known. I have not looked at the evidence from this session yet, but it didn't seem like we caught anything, so we moved upstairs to the third floor where most of the demonic activity took place... the attic.


Now this is where shit got real. The attic portion of the house consists of two halves; the vacant side to the left and the daughter's bedroom to the right. In the middle are two staircases; the one we came up leading to the second floor master bedroom and another leading to the second floor vacant side. Keep this in mind as we get further into the investigation. We decided to start with the vacant side.

The air in this room was extremely cold, to the point where I had goosebumps. There was definitely an energy present that did not make me feel welcome. We decided to try to communicate using the spirit box. I set the spirit box to reverse sweep the FM channels. I used my knowledge of the history of the house to garner up some questions and we immediately started getting some intelligent responses.

The first spirit we made contact with was a woman named Elizabeth Arnott. To my knowledge, she lived in the house in 1919. She fell down the steps, severed her cranial nerves, and died instantly. She made this known by uttering the word “stairs” when we asked her where she died. As we began questioning Elizabeth more, she informed us that she could not continue to communicate. A male voice kept coming through instead. This voice was that of Charles Comparetto.

Charles was a prominent man who owned in the house in the 1920s. He was having an affair with a neighbor until he started to get jealous of her husband, reported to be a former best friend of his during WWI. So one night, he decided to do the unthinkable. He had dinner with his family, grabbed a gun and an 8" stiletto knife, and walked to the neighbor’s house. He stabbed the woman repeatedly, slit the husband’s throat, then proceeded to walk back home, and blow his brains out right in the living room next to the fireplace. His son heard the gunshot and found him bleeding out on the floor. His bloodstain and body imprint remain on the floor to this day, despite efforts of being sanded out (there are also satanic drawings and words written on the inside of the wall of the living room that are believed to be written from Charles’ family).

I feel like Charles’ presence was the strongest here. We were receiving communication from him demanding that we get out of the attic and the spirit box was very active during this time frame. We continued on to the daughter’s room; the right side of the attic.

The same temperature change applies here. The room was very cold and you could constantly hear something moving or walking around, despite nothing being out of place. We heard footsteps coming from above, even though nothing was above us except the roof. It could not have come from the other group, as they were in the basement at the time. We continued to make contact with both Charles and Elizabeth, and some children’s voices came through as well. In this room is where we decided to try the “flashlight trick.” We turned the flashlight on, put it on the ground, and asked the spirits to communicate with us by turning off the light. After several attempts, we were finally able to get Charles (we believe) to turn the flashlight on and off for us. We have this evidence on film, as does the other group who investigated the attic after us. Now, remember that other staircase I mentioned earlier? We decided to check that out next.

At this point, things were already feeling very heavy. The air was dry and the room temperature was changing drastically. Looking down this staircase, you see nothing, but a bunch of items piled up at the bottom of the stairs. To the left of this however, is a door to the vacant side of the second floor. Our medium Chris and one of our investigators decided to venture down the staircase to see if the door was open while the rest of us hung out at the top of the stairs. For the record, I don’t know exactly who we were communicating with next, but it was not a friendly entity by any means.

I was still running the spirit box. It was evident that whomever we were talking to did not like Chris or myself. It repeated our names (Chris and Dave) on more than one occasion and continued to do so throughout the rest of the night. It especially did not like us near this staircase for whatever reason. The box was going insane. A voice coming through called one of our investigators a “stupid whore," followed by calling me a “bitch." Upon asking the spirit why it did not want us near this staircase, it just kept demanding that we “get out." The tone of the voice was getting deeper. This whole time, Chris was trying to open the door at the bottom of the staircase, but it seemed to be locked from the other side. I demanded to know what happened in this section of the house and the response I got was “rape.” We began to receive what sounded like growls coming from the spirit box. The next thing I know, we hear a loud bang followed by a deep, guttural-sounding growl (not coming from the spirit box). The door at the bottom of the stairs slams shut and Chris begins running up the stairs toward us, grabbing our investigator Shelby by the arm to bring her with him. When he reaches the top, he’s out of breath. To my knowledge, he says that he went to push the door open and it forcefully shut on him. Chris is a veteran investigator and does not scare easy, but this clearly scared the shit out of him… and the rest of us as well.

We decided to go outside and take a break.

After the break ended and our energies were back in alignment, we switched areas of the house with the other group. It was our turn to take the basement for a spin.


The basement for the most part was a dead zone. Eerie, creepy, and pitch black? Yes. Spirit activity? No. We had no readings on the spirit box here. The only thing that we got was the smell of gas. Sometimes it was strong and sometimes it dissipated. Whether that’s simply something from the house or not, I don’t know, but that’s all we got. Meanwhile…

…as the other team was investigating the attic, I was told that the spirit upstairs said my name several times and then referenced the basement when asked “Who do you hate?” I was in the basement at the time and apparently, I really pissed this thing off. I was told that a strong male presence who’s confident in their approach is exactly the opposite of what many of the previous owners were. The house has a history of abusive, alcoholic husbands who beat, raped, and killed their own families (such as burning a child’s body in the fireplace). It makes sense that the spirits would take aim at us for this.

Kitchen, Living Room, and Computer Room

The kitchen has a pretty morbid history as well. In fact, every area of the house has a horrible event associated with it, so I shouldn’t even bother saying that. I don’t know a date, but there was a stove fire many years ago and two women were burned to death. Even from sitting at base camp, you could hear things moving or people walking in this area. It was cold, but not nearly as bad as the attic was. I didn’t like the energy here either, but at least it didn’t feel dangerous in any way. I was told a story by the owners of the house that as a team was trying to rid the demon from the home, it called out for help. Immediately after, they heard knocking on the back door. They ran to the door, but instead of opening it, they decided to look through the blinds first, and it’s a good thing they did because there was no one there. The theory is that this demon was calling for another entity to help, but it needed to be let into the house first. Anyway, the living room and the computer room were pretty much the same… not quite right, but not menacing.

Vacant Side

The vacant side of the house sketched me out. There was something not quite right about it and besides the attic, that’s where most of the demonic activity originally came from. We formed a circle on the floor and tried an EVP session again. I have not seen that evidence yet, so more to come on that at a later date. The spirit box was picking up minor activity. One of our investigators asked the question “Is there anything here you don’t want us to find?” and at this moment, my spirit box played out the lyrics to a song. The lyrics were along the lines of “I’m afraid you’ll find out…” Creepy, as I’ve never had this happen before. This was also the area of the house where Chris’ camera stopped working. We were trying to get the spirits to move the door for us and as I pointed the camera at it, it went completely dead. The batteries were brand new, but regardless… the camera died. It felt like someone was in the room with us; watching us, but those were the only events we had happen here.

It was time for another break.

Are We Alone?

We met back at base camp and our lead investigator wanted us to do some investigations by ourselves. We would each get to pick devices of our choosing, pick an area of the house, and spend ten minutes by ourselves in that room trying to communicate with whoever was still present in the house. Each person had to take an audio/video monitor with them so we could see them from base camp. I won’t go into detail into each investigator’s experience, but we saw orbs fly by numerous people and each person got different responses from the spirit box. Once again, my name came up a good number of times. As for my experience, I decided to check out the basement. I got nothing in there before, so I was eager to check it out by myself. I hardly got any feedback for the first five minutes, but the last five minutes gradually picked up activity on the spirit box. I could feel something over my left shoulder the entire time, but nothing was there. Either way, that had to be the longest ten minutes of my life.

2 AM – 4 AM

We started getting pretty tired at this point. Activity was slowing down, as were we. We were all hungry and honestly just wanted some Denny’s, but we had an idea. It was obvious that this spirit did not like me or some of the other investigators near the vacant staircase that Chris tried to open. Therefore, we decided to go back, open the door from the vacant side, and walk up the staircase instead. So myself and two others headed over. This was the last spirit box session of the night. I got pretty ballsy here. I began provoking Charles in any way, shape, or form. If he seemed so adamant to show himself and scare us, then why wasn’t he? I began receiving insults through the spirit box. It called me a “pussy” at least four times.

However, I went right back at it. “If I’m such a pussy, then how come you killed yourself and your girlfriend? I’m standing right here waiting. You’re disappointing me the same way you must have disappointed your mistress.” I tried everything to piss it off toward the end, but it just kept insulting me. The spirit refused to show itself or simply did not have the energy to do so. Regardless, we had high levels of spirit box activity from about 3 AM – 4 AM, but it slowed down once the rest of the group joined us.

We packed up our stuff, left the house, and we are now in the process of going through our recordings to present evidence to the owners. In our opinion, the house is still highly active, but the evil entity that once resided there is gone, as it should be. We believe that the spirit that sings lullabies to the twin girls at night is a good spirit, as are many others in the house and that Charles Comparetto is simply a tortured soul whose energy simply cannot let go of his horrible crime. We demanded that Charles leave and told him he was not welcome there anymore. The house seemed and felt like a normal house at the end of our investigation.

If you’re interested in more bloody details about the history of the house, I recommend reading Reverend Neal Farley’s blog about it. He goes into detail about which demon from Sumerian mythology inhabited the home and how they got rid of it. I will not say its name, as it’s a very powerful incantation and I respect the family too much to do so.

I’m looking forward to see what we can present to the owners as evidence and I’m excited to say I was part of a great team that investigated the house. I wish the Yaples all the best and thank you for letting us into your home! God Bless!

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