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Murder: Southern-Style; A Psychic Profiling Part 3

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Part 2:

The Validation

Mike had given me a fair amount of information at this point. I hoped it was enough to give to his family, so they could do what they needed to. It was about a week after I did my profiling when I got in contact with one of my family members. She set up a conference call with Mike’s aunt and me.

The call started off with introductions. Mike’s aunt thanked me for doing the profiling for their family. I started off by stating, “I get what I get, and I don’t get what I don’t get.” This basically means that the information that was given to me is all the information that was given to me. If I don’t have the answers they are seeking, I just don’t have the answers.

I began to tell the family about Mike and how he was more than willing to give me information regarding his murder. I had to start off with the hardest part and told his aunt that I believed Mike was dead. She began to get upset, but also told me she knew in her heart that he was. She said with a quiver in her throat, “He would not have left his daughter.” Then came all the questions: “How did he die? Do you know who killed him, and where is he?” So, I began to answer as many questions as I could.

I told them that Mike said that he was caught off guard and that he knew the two men that attacked him. He had recognized them as employees of the company he worked at. I told them that Mike referred to the men as “Bubbas” which explained how the two men came up to Mike as if it were a normal thing for them to do. I gave Mike’s aunt a description of the two men. She explained how everyone that worked for the lumber company was interviewed and subjected to a polygraph test. There were two men that failed the polygraph and these two men also fit the description I gave her.

I explained how Mike was first hit on the head with a wooden object. At first, I thought it was a baseball bat. It wasn’t. It was a tool used in his industry. Mike’s aunt clarified what the object could be. She said it was a pole saw handle. Often, the crew keeps the broken handles to use as walking sticks. Mike was hit in the head and knocked down by the white man and then the black man stabbed Mike twice. Once when he first went down and a second time when he tried to get up.

The white man then ran back to the truck and grabbed a blue blanket. They wrapped Mike’s body, carried him back, and threw him in the bed of the truck. Mike told me they drove for a while and when they stopped, the two men threw him out of the truck near a body of water.

Mike described where his body was. He showed me a tall narrow bridge. It looked like a walking bridge or a train viaduct going over a river. Mike also showed me tall trees where there are only branches near the tops. There are short pointy plants at the bases of the trees and wisps of grass growing amongst them. Mike’s aunt explained there is a viaduct that goes over the river a couple of miles from where they found Mike’s skid. This is when I asked her about the number “18.” Mike was yelling the number “18” to me and I told her that it meant something important.

I figured the number meant Mike would be found on the 18th day or that he would be missing for 18 days, but I was wrong. Mike’s aunt got extremely excited at this point. She told me she knew what the number meant. She started to explain, “Mike is telling us where to find him. There are mile markers along the tracks. He must be near mile marker 18.”

Mike mentioned to me why he was killed. He said it had to do with false loyalty. I expressed my confusion to his aunt about this. Without hesitation, she began telling me about Mike’s ex-girlfriend, the mother of his daughter. The ex-girlfriend was into drugs when Mike and she met. Mike helped her to sober up. Shortly after getting off drugs however, she became pregnant, and Mike became a dad to a beautiful daughter.

The two were such a happy couple. Mike was planning for their future when he started to see a change in her. Mike suspected she was doing drugs again and his suspicions were correct. He didn’t want that kind of life for his daughter, so he filed for full custody. But she wasn’t going to let that happen. She deceived the two men who murdered Mike by telling them that Mike was molesting their daughter. The two men acted on an untrue story and murdered Mike in response.

Mike also warned me about corruption. He said that one of the men that killed him was related to someone high up in the police department there. He also told me that someone from the ex-girlfriend’s family was somehow involved. He was concerned for his daughter’s safety.

Mike’s aunt wasn’t surprised by the news of corruption or the fact that the ex-girlfriend’s family was involved. The white man who I described as one of Mike’s murderers is related to the sheriff. He is a nephew of the sheriff’s wife. The aunt wanted me to know that the “good-ol’-boy system” was alive and well down there. The black man that I described was related to the ex-girlfriend by marriage.

I asked Mike’s aunt if she could get a message to Mike’s mom, then told her that Mike wants his mom to give his guitar to his daughter. Apparently, this hit a chord. The aunt began to cry and struggled to get her words out. “Mike’s daughter would point to his guitar and say ‘Daddy.’” She went on to say that the only thing that would get the baby to stop crying was to show her his guitar.

I was finished with giving everyone the information I had gathered. Mike’s aunt obviously had mixed emotions. She was mostly angry. She told me that she was going to drive down the right-of-way along the railroad tracks to see if she could find him or anything that could help find Mike’s body.

I did tell her one last thing that Mike told me. “They better come quick, or they won’t find me there.” Mike’s aunt got more frustrated because she wanted to go right then, but it was already dark, and she didn’t have transportation. She thought the best thing to do would be to call the local authorities and give them the information. However, this would turn out to be a big mistake.

To be continued …

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Cheri LaBombard
Cheri LaBombard
Apr 05, 2021

I am thoroughly enjoying this story. Thanks so much for sharing it and I will be looking forward to the next segment!

Apr 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Cheri! We appreciate your comments and they mean a lot to us. Enjoy!


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