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Murder: Southern-Style; A Psychic Profiling Part 2

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Part 1:

It was a long drive before the two men made it to their destination. “At this point I was still alive,” Mike said. “I remember the road was rough and started to be winding. I knew exactly where they were taking me.”

Mike showed me a body of water. The two men threw him off the truck, and he landed half in the water and half on the bank of what looked like a river. It wasn’t a wide river -- maybe 500 yards across. Mike was still wrapped in a blanket, lying face down with his legs in the water.

Mike continued to describe where he was. He showed me a tall narrow bridge. It looked like a walking bridge or a train viaduct going over the river. He kept yelling a number to me: 18. Mike also showed me tall trees with branches only near their tops. There were short pointy plants at the bases of the trees and wisps of grass growing amongst them. Mike told me, “They need to come soon.” Again, he yelled out the number 18.

There was more of the story to be told. I wanted to know why these men killed Mike. I wanted Mike to tell me something that would help bring his killers to justice. “Mike, show me some clues or facts, give me something.”

I asked Mike, “Why do you think these men killed you?”

“False loyalty,” he replied.

He continued to explain that lies were the basis for what these men did to him. “Who lied?”

“A lot of people did,” Mike said sadly.

“Mike, can you give me more information about who lied? Is there something that I can take back to your family?

Mike explained that I needed to be careful, as did his family. He wasn’t sure who, but there was someone in law enforcement that wasn’t right. “What does that mean?” I asked.

“One of the men that did this is related to someone high up in the police force. There is a lot of corruption.”

Mike was concerned about his daughter. Mike felt his daughter’s family was somehow involved, though he wasn’t sure how. “My daughter’s mom and I didn’t get along. There was a lot of trouble between us, and I hope she didn’t have anything to do with this.”

"Can you have my mom give her my guitar?"

Mike was understandably sad. He was realizing that he wouldn’t be able to hold his daughter anymore. “Let my mom know that I will check in on her if I can,” he said sadly. ”Can you have my mom give her my guitar?”

I saw Mike walking with an older man, and another whom I’d describe as a heavenly body. At this point, I knew he died on the riverbank. Mike showed this to me so I could tell his family that he did not die alone. His grandfather and Jesus were there to help him along on his journey.

To be continued ...

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Cheri LaBombard
Cheri LaBombard
Mar 01, 2021

I'm enjoying hearing this story unfold!!

Replying to

I'm glad. I am enjoying writing it. It wasn't as enjoyable going through it. Thanks for reading. Chris

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