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Union Cemetery in Easton, CT - Is It Really Haunted?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Headstones in Union Cemetery

Here lies the 400-year-old Union Cemetery. It is known for having an alleged “White Lady” aka the “Lady in White." She is described as having long dark hair and wearing a beautiful, white dress.

While many have claimed to have seen the White Lady, she is a mystery. No one seems to know what the real story is behind her. There are many stories on the internet, but who knows what fact of fiction is? A few of the stories are that she was killed for murdering her husband, while others say she died in childbirth.

The cemetery is also known for a few other famous ghosts, one of them being “Red Eyes." Red Eyes is believed to the be the ghost of Earle Kellog, a man who tragically was set on fire and burned to death across the street from the cemetery in 1935. Although, E.C.P.S. can’t find any legitimate documentation to support this story. Also, his “red eyes” sometimes can be seen looking through the bushes.

Strange fog captured in Union Cemetery

There have been many paranormal teams and investigators that have visited the cemetery, one of them being Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to NBC News, “The video evidence is so valuable, she kept it locked away at their Occult Museum in Monroe, CT." Many paranormal experts have claimed to have collections of strange photos. Is it just fog or is it something entirely different?

Now, who knows how accurate all this information is? If you are daring enough, visit the cemetery at night, but be warned, the town police will write tickets for trespassing as the cemetery is closed after dark.

Is the ticket worth it to find out the truth? Only YOU can answer that question.

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