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Private Residence

Massachusetts Cases

Private Residences

'Private Residences' includes homeowners or business owners who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. These are generally the most requested type of cases.

Private Residence

Oxford, MA - November 10, 2018 & March 30, 2019

We performed two investigations of this private residence. The clients' did not have any claims worth noting as serious or malevolent in nature. There are a few occurrences in which the doorbell (literally) rings on its own, even while disconnected. Footsteps are heard around the house and sometimes voices can be heard audibly by the clients. The home was built in the 1700's and therefore has a lot of history.

Medium Report 1

Chris O'Connor

I arrived at the home. My team was already in the home interviewing the clients and getting the layout of the house. I can tell the house is old and then I notice the plaque dated 1794. The contractor side of me noticed that the home had a few additions.

As I often do, I began receiving visions on my ride up and they became stronger once I arrived. My initial vision was the home was connected to some form of witchcraft. It was either pagan rituals, Wicca or an actual practicing witch. I also had visions of another time in history the house was very crowded. Additionally, when I arrived there was a scant smell of smoke with no apparent reason.

I entered the home and was immediately drawn to the front room to the left of the front door. I first made my introductions and because my team was in the interview process, I started my walk through.

I went to the room I was drawn to and that is where I encountered my first spirit. This was a middle-aged man who lived in the home during the early to mid-1800’s. His energy was more residual than interactive. The current owners may hear activity in that room and see possible movement.

I crossed the foyer into what was the formal dining room and there is where I sensed the involvement of witchcraft. I searched the room for evidence and there were objects that were related to the practice of witchcraft or Wicca. The room did not present with negative energy but just the feeling of psychic energy.

At this point, Dave came from upstairs and we continued the tour together. Dave first showed me the garage. This is where I saw residual energy of horses and the tack for the carriages. Although there was a distinct automotive smell, I can smell the evidence of horses.

From the garage we made it to the basement. The basement was large, and the floor was covered in some sort of vapor barrier. I wasn’t receiving much here. Dave led me through the front of the basement through a door, and there was a very large dragon. The dragon is a prop for Halloween. Dave failed to tell me the dragon was “on” and roared at you when you triggered the motion sensor. Dave had a good laugh at my expense.

From the basement we went to the second floor. There was a room being used as a closet or dressing room that was connected to the master bedroom. The master bedroom is where I first encounter the female spirit. She is very prominent. The owners definitely notice her. She may show as a shadow or full apparition. They hear her moving about, typically from another room or while downstairs. This spirit may make the owners feel depressed, lost or the feeling of loss.

Dave pointed out the son’s room, but we did not go in. We walked through the laundry space to an unfinished room used for storage. This was part of an addition at some part of the history of the home. This space had sounds of laughter from children. My guess is this is where they hid from their parents or older siblings.

We returned to the informal dining area. The interview had concluded. The clients were leaving for the evening. We set up cameras and went lights out.

We investigated the entire house, but the most active psychically was the master bedroom. While investigating, I started to get a vision of the young women. She was very distraught. She was going from room to room searching for her baby. She wasn’t clear of what happened. We did an exercise to where we played the sound of a baby. No paranormal activity presented itself.

I can’t help but feel that this house is under a cloak. Although visible to everyone, the home goes unnoticed. There is activity that occurs, but no one knows except the home-owners. This is the time for the history of the home to be revealed

The house has more story to tell. There are many spirits. Some are interacting with the living and some are there to let us in on the history of the house. I would love the opportunity to return and get more of the story.

Medium Report 2

Chris O'Connor

I was very excited to return to Oxford. As I mentioned in the first report, this house has more of story to tell.

We met at the local coffee shop to go over the plan for the night’s investigation. Once again, I received visions on my way there. During the week, we received a request for an investigation from a new client and sometimes I will begin receiving messages about new cases and must figure out which message or vision belongs to which case.

The vision I received was of a man in his early twenties. He was from the mid 1800’s. He appeared as he just came out of water. His clothes were fine but wet. He showed himself in the corner of a basement. He was asking me how he got there. “Why was I here?” he asked. He gave the impression that he was brought back. I asked Melissa if this vision had anything to do with the new case. She stated that the new client did not mention anything. We finished up at the coffee shop and headed over to the client’s home.

We all went in and said our hellos. I immediately felt a difference in the home. Although the clients were cordial, they seemed off. They were happy to see us, but the atmosphere was weird.  They met with Melissa and Ruby to get updates and any new developments. I went outside. While outside, I began my process of connecting to the home and the spirits that resides within. I asked for protection first and then asked the spirits of the house to come forward. I gave them permission to use me as a vessel to convey their message. I insisted that no harm can come to me or my team. We are not here to hurt them but just to listen to what they had to say. Boy, did they have a story to tell.

The clients left the house again. We set up our equipment and prepared ourselves for the night’s investigation.

The four of us sat at the table in the room just off the kitchen. I sat on the side of the table near the pass through to the kitchen. Melissa sat across from me. Ruby sat to my left and Dave to the right. We all put our hands flat to the table and began connecting to the home. While connecting, a woman came forward. She was a servant woman. She was acting nervous and didn’t know how to “serve”. She stated that they are in the wrong places. “The master always sits at the head of the table.” The woman’s name was Catherine.

We finished with our connection process and was about to begin an EVP session. I asked that Dave and Ruby swap places and I explained why. The two swapped and then like placing the last pieces of the puzzle, the picture began becoming clear.

Ruby didn’t mention how she was feeling at first, but the swap in seating allowed her to begin feeling what the young female spirit was feeling. I am not sure if Dave had began feeling anything but as the night continued Dave’s empathic abilities will be used and challenged.

Instead of seeing Dave sitting, I saw a middle-aged man. He gave me the impression that he was a prominent man. He was stern and set in his ways. He was wearing fine clothes but was slobby. When he drank, he slurped and dribbled. He would use his sleeve as a napkin. He ate without manners. Inhaling his food and made a mess of himself as he did.

Where Ruby was seated there was a young woman. She was well put together and had delicate manners. I sensed this was his daughter. I was getting a name that began with the letter “E”. Her name was either Emily or Emiline.

We started our investigation in the master bedroom. Ruby was walking about taking pictures. Dave was sitting on the bed and Mel was in the doorway between the bedroom and dressing room. I was sitting in the corner. We were performing an EVP session and we had the K-2 meter on the bed.

It wasn’t long after we started our session when the story began to unfold. My vision began with a young woman in the act of childbirth. The house servant Catherine was there assisting as the mid-wife. The man that was at the dining table was just outside the room. After the child was born, the man ordered Catherine to take the child and smash it against the stone wall. “This sinful child will be a secret.” Catherine took the child away but did not obey the wishes of her master. She placed the child in a basket and when there was time, she took the child away. While this was all unfolding, I asked Catherine where the child was? “Where are you taking the baby?” I didn’t get an answer other than she put the baby in a basket.

We moved back to the room where we connected. This time Dave and Ruby sat in the correct seat and Mel and I sat where we sat earlier. More of the story was told. This is what was shown to me. I was able to obtain the young woman’s name. I was going back and forth with Emily or Emiline.

The young woman, Emily, was in her late teens or early 20's. She was very beautiful. Emily was well dressed and carried herself with class. She may have had many suiters, but none were allowed. Emily was the oldest daughter of the family. Emily lost her mother and as the oldest daughter, she would be expected to remain in the house and care for the family and her father.

Emily had become involved with a young man. He told me his name was Thomas. He wasn’t from town. He presented himself as a well-dressed man. He appeared to have some wealth based on his clothes. I feel he did not have family or at least no family close by. At first, I thought he may be part of some type of sea service industry based on how he presented himself initially. This is the spirit that presented himself on my ride up. He appeared soaking wet.

The two secretly pursued a relationship. The two of them would meet when Thomas came into town. Eventually the two fell in love and made plans to marry. The plan for the next visit was for the two of them to run away due to Emily’s father’s plan for her. Unbeknownst to Thomas, Emily discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t tell Thomas. She didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t shown to me how her secret was found out, but the repercussions were.

Somehow the secret of Emily’s pregnancy was apparent. Emily’s father made inquiries of who her daughter may have been with. I feel Catherine may have had a hand in revealing the secret relationship. The young man’s identity was revealed. Thomas was returning to town. On the orders of his father, Emily’s brother Douglas and a friend, intercepted Thomas. Thomas was beaten, hanged, and then bound by the hands and feet and thrown into the river.

Meanwhile, Emily is waiting. Thomas told her when he would be returning but he never showed. Time passes and her pregnancy continues. I am only speculating but I would imagine Emily’s father made it known to his daughter that he knows of the pregnancy. Emily is held up in the house until the pregnancy is over. Emily delivers the baby and Catherine takes care of getting rid of the evidence.

Emily hated her father. While in public, all is well. Behind closed doors, Emily was depressed, angry and unsympathetic. The last vision I had with her father in it was the vision of her father choking on his dinner. It was obvious that he needed assistance but Emily just excused herself and left the room. Her father died at the table.

The next vision is Thomas is sitting where Emily’s father would sit. This was one of the few times Thomas was in the house. Emily was amused by Thomas’ nervousness. Thomas would repeatedly check to see if anyone was coming.

Then the visions became sad. They showed Emily would sit at the table while Catherine made sure she ate. Emily would shuffle through out the house, guided by Catherine. Emily’s depression has overcome her and has made her insane.

I would think that home-owners will hear her shuffling from room to room. She is searching for her baby. They may also see curtains move or movement towards the doors. This is Emily looking to see if her beloved has returned.

I am unclear about Thomas. He stated to me, “Why am I here?” or “How did I get here?” Something is telling me that he was brought forward. Something to ask the home-owners. Emily doesn’t know that he is there.

So, during all the visions, Ruby becomes very sad to the point of tears. She can’t explain it. Dave goes through an array of emotions and he can’t explain why he feels the way he does. I tell my visions. I believe the K-2 meter reacted to me explaining the visions and the discussion afterwards.

Some other visions I received:

One was of a young woman, based on her clothing, was from the early 1900's. She was dressed in a light blue dress. Her hair was darkish and pulled back. She didn’t interact with me. I just figured she was somehow connected to the house.

The other vision I had was of a cemetery. The cemetery had all these hands coming from the ground. It was almost like they were raising their hand to be recognized. I related this to the amount of people attached this house.

As I said before, this house holds a lot of energy. There are many spirits. Most of the spirits I came across are residual. The ones that I found to be intelligent spirits just want their story told. I am going to try to verify my visions with facts.

My suggestion to the home-owners is to be careful within their practice of witchcraft or Wicca. The increase in activity may be a direct result of such practices.

Empath Report

David Bray

This blog details the events of Eastern CT Paranormal Society’s investigation of a private residence in Oxford, MA.

Our first visit to the home was back in November 2018. From what I can recall, it was an exciting investigation but did not produce any tangible or objective evidence. Most of what we received was subjective in nature. To be honest, I didn’t remember much from this visit other than Chris saying there was the spirit of a woman looking for her baby – and that she was insane (literally). The upstairs level of the home was creepy, and I can remember Ruby being scared and/or nervous on a few different occasions. The house seemed to affect her the most. However, the investigation was interesting enough that it prompted a return visit. We felt that there was a story that needed to be told and we were confident we were going to get it.

The house was built in the 1700s and was initially home to a prominent family. The owners’ claims range from seeing shadows moving in the hallways, hearing footsteps and noises that seem to be coming from unknown sources - and the doorbell seemingly rings on its own. Other than that, the homeowners are not bothered by the spirits present. They are genuinely interested in the phenomena and want to know more.

On March 30, 2019, we returned to the home to perform the second investigation. It would prove to be a challenge for myself both empathically and personally. I feel that the case elevated me to new heights and has tapped into a potential that I was previously unaware of.

When we first arrived, we set up the same way we always do; we ran IR cameras in 6 different rooms, grabbed our recorders, EMF meters and handhelds, and got to work. We sat at the dining room table and “connected” to the house and to each other. We do this before we begin to ensure that our energies are synchronized with the house and with the spirits. It’s a form of protection and helps us to attain answers in our search for the unknown. We started our endeavor upstairs in the master bedroom where we previously gathered insight into the female spirit in search of her baby. At first, it was quiet. I got ahead of myself and started thinking this was going to be another mundane investigation. Little did I know that the night would soon test my abilities as an empath.

After a brief donut break, we once again sat around the dining room table. I sat at one head of the table and Ruby sat at the other. About 5-10 minutes later, Chris asked us to switch places. The spirit of a former server was communicating to him that we were in the wrong seats and was confused as to why. It was the seat-switch that started the night off on the right (some would say, the wrong) track.

I immediately began to feel different, and apparently, so did Ruby. I couldn’t quite place exactly what I was feeling, but it wasn’t like anything I’ve experienced before. I started to get visions of a man with a mustache, probably in his early to mid-20s, good-looking and fit, and he was being thrown into a body of water. At this point, I was confused.

We started up the spirit box to perform a communication session and began to ask questions. We were also using a flashlight, an audio recorder, and a K2 meter (EMF detector). To our surprise, the only device that seemed to be reacting intelligently to our questions was the K2 meter. On most cases, it is very much the opposite.

Suddenly, I felt extremely sad to the point that I wanted to cry. It hit me like a ton of bricks. However, all the lights were off, and I kept my composure as not to disturb the session, until I noticed Ruby was crying as well. For some reason, the visualization of seeing her cry made my own feelings much more intense. I didn’t quite understand it because I am not known for my outgoing emotions, let alone showing tears in any sort of situation. Ruby claimed that she too did not understand why she was so sad.

Throughout this session, Chris asked the question “Who’s dead?” to which a woman’s voice audibly answered, “Not me!” from the kitchen. It was so loud that most of the team heard it. Upon further questioning, the same woman’s voice was heard on 3 more occasions, in the silence of the house, while we were all sitting at the table. Not only did she speak, she was humming a song each time. If you’ve never experienced hearing a woman hum a song while no one else is in the house, then you don’t know terror. It was fascinating and terrifying all in one.

From here, my emotions bounced back and forth from extreme sadness to extreme anger. I began to feel paranoid and kept looking over my shoulders toward the doors and windows. Needless to say, I felt very odd. I did not feel like myself at all and visions of this man kept clouding me. It was my interpretation that this man’s name was Thomas. I was fighting the urge to ask Ruby what she was feeling, but I felt like she either had answers or was going through what I was going through. Either way, the story began unfolding.

At this time, Chris received the name “Thomas” as well along with the name’s “Emily” and “Catherine.” Emily was the daughter of the prominent man who owned the house and Catherine was the midwife (I am unsure of the era that they lived in the home). Chris described the homeowner as a “fat slob” and a despicable person.

Emily was the insane woman from our first visit who was looking for her baby and what we believe happened is that Emily became pregnant with Thomas’ child and her father forbade it. He proceeded to tell Catherine (the midwife) to take the baby out and smash its head in the rocks, to dispose of it. There was no way that his daughter was going to have a bastard child and disgrace the family name. In a turn of events, Catherine chose to disobey this command and sent the baby away in a litter of kittens without telling anyone, including the mother (Emily). Therefore, Emily spent her life thinking that her baby was killed; her baby was ripped from her hands at birth.

My empathic abilities were in full-force now. Paranoia continued and these feelings were becoming overwhelming. I began to feel suffocated and my neck felt constricted. I felt like I got punched in the mouth and had sudden sharp shooting pains in my arms as if they were breaking. It got to a point where I literally yelled out because the pain hurt so bad.

Well, it all made sense shortly after once we discovered that Thomas was beaten, dragged, and hanged by Emily’s brother and his friends, on orders from her father. They threw his body in the river. He found out that his daughter and Thomas were having a secret relationship (someone snitched) and that was it. Thomas went away and never returned, and Emily was left thinking that he left her out of the blue while she was pregnant. However, Emily never told Thomas she was pregnant. She either didn’t get a chance to or thought it would complicate things.

Come to find out, I was sitting right where Thomas would have sat when he was visiting with Emily (when the father was out) and Ruby was sitting where Emily would have sat. The paranoia I was feeling was due to the secrecy of the relationship between him and Emily and the not-knowing of when the father was coming back.

After a while, I needed to go outside and get some fresh air – recharge my batteries if you will. But when I came back inside, I immediately felt the same emotions. I couldn’t shake it. I knew the story needed to be told. I knew amends needed to be made and I needed to find out exactly what the spirits wanted from us.

Later, I came under the impression that I had become a vessel for Thomas. In the same way that some mediums can become a channel for spirits, I had become one as well, only empathically. I believe Ruby was acting as a vessel for Emily in the same way. We decided to perform an EVP session with just the two of us. During this session, we received intelligent responses from the K2 meter. Ruby and I almost began communicating as if we were Thomas and Emily.

The anger and sadness I was feeling was the sensation of lost hope, of fate being ripped from my grasp. I realized I was living the sensation of being dead. I was dead and there was nothing I could do about it.

Both Thomas and Emily never got to live their life paths and never got to experience life together. For some reason, we feel like the reason we were being channeled into was so Thomas and Emily could communicate with each other through us. Thomas was angry that he was killed so ruthlessly. He was angry he never knew about the baby. He was angry at her father.

I cannot speak directly for Ruby, but I believe the sadness she was feeling was because she believed her entire life that her baby was murdered. She believed that Thomas, the man she loved, left her. According to Chris, Emily’s hatred for her father ran so deep that she left him to choke on his dinner one day and he died watching her walk away. We asked Thomas and Emily if they wanted us to feel what they felt, and I really wish we hadn’t because that’s when all the physical pain (from Thomas being murdered) and all the deep-seated emotions hit me at once.

Although this story is highly subjective, we hope to attain records that lead us to the actuality of these events occurring. The names aren’t definitive, but we do believe it happened. I can humbly say that I’ve never felt the sensation of being dead and I’ve never felt the profound sadness, anger, and love that emanated through me before that night.

All-in-all, I have tapped into a new ability. I believe that my gift is allowing me to learn and experience things I didn’t think were possible. Although it is tough and scary to think about, I am excited to see what this new ability leads to for both myself and my team.

Objective Findings:

Investigators: David Bray, Chris O'Connor, Ruby L., Melissa Whited


No photographic evidence was found.


Several EVPs and Spirit Box responses were found and noted.


No video evidence was found.


Paranormal Level: Grade 3 – Objective findings include evidence of a manifestation (non-orbs) captured by a photo or video. Audible sounds or voices can be heard by human ears and are documented on an audible device.

Please see the above empath report.


Case Closed

As of right now, there is no plan-of-action. The homeowners are not experiencing anything malicious or harmful in any way. The spirits residing in the home are friendly, some residual, some not. They mean no harm and simply want their stories told. With this in mind, the homeowners should also stray from any ritualistic practices they may not completely understand and use caution when proceeding with anything beyond our realm of understanding.


Through our research, we discovered a lot of information:

Oxford was first settled in 1687 and was officially incorporated in 1713. It was the birthplace of Clara Barton, the first president and founder of the American Red Cross. Oxford was originally settled by Huguenots in two waves, the original settlement having been abandoned after four residents (John Johnson and his three children, Peter, Andrew and Mary) were killed in a violent confrontation with local Native Americans. This event, the Johnson Massacre, is commemorated near the south end of town on Main Street. The remains of the Huguenot Fort (built in 1686) still exist near Huguenot Road.

The home was built in 1794 based on both the home-owners and the local historian. We were able to research the property back to 1835. The home is referred to as the Bardwell house after a prominent resident, Rev. Horatio Bardwell.

Rev. Horatio Bardwell was married to Rachel Furbush in 1815 and left directly for missionary work in India. While in India. Rev. Bardwell begin his large family. Not all his children were born in India, but the Reverend and Mrs. Bardwell parented 10 children.

In 1835, the Bardwells moved to Oxford per request of the First Congregational Church. The parsonage was expanded to accommodate the Reverend’s large family. Rev. Bardwell was chosen because the previous minister, Rev. Robinson was found “unsettled” due to not being married. Rev. Robinson was formally discharged.

We know the Reverend and his family moved from the parsonage at some point because Reverend Bardwell died from injuries that occurred from being in a fire. According to the historian, Reverend Bardwell was caught in a barn fire while trying to save his horses. He was no longer residing at the parsonage.

According to the town historian, in the early 1900's, a young woman disappeared. She was a guest of either the house or the home next to the home. This is an unsolved case. During excavation of the property or the street new the home, remains were found of a young woman but could not be identified. We tried to research this story further but could not find any information.

Another prominent resident of the home was Ralph Buffum. The Buffum family were involved in different types of industries. Primarily the textile industry. The family must have been fairly prominent, there is a whole section of the town and lake named after the family.

The Buffum family was just one of the many families that resided at the property. Please refer to the land and deed report attached to this document.

Our research is just the first layer of the history of the property. This is a fascinating property and we encourage the family to continue researching its history.

Private Residence

Rehoboth, MA - February 18, 2017

We were contacted via email by a client, an apparent paranormal investigator, who claimed he was being oppressed or possessed by an evil entity. He would hear voices in his head and felt like he was being watched, even while out of the house. He claimed it followed him and he could feel it attacking his chakras. He admitted he did not protect himself during investigations and did not have the knowledge or education behind his research methods. He said objects were levitating, he was being scratched, and that he was exhibiting health issues as well.

Subjective Claims:

Chris & David


He felt that there was a negative attachment to the client, but that it was not demonic in nature.

He saw a male spirit standing near the staircase and a spirit in the basement.

During an energy session, he was pushed by an entity.

He saw the TV turn on and off by itself.

A lady in white appeared behind the client during an energy session.


He felt that there was a negative attachment to the client, but that it was not demonic in nature.

He could sense a presence in the basement and felt like he was being watched.

He saw the TV turn on and off by itself.

Objective Findings:

Investigators: David Bray, Chris O'Connor, Melissa Whited


No photographic evidence was found.


No audio evidence was found.


No video evidence was found.


Paranormal Level: Grade 0 - All subjective paranormal activity has been debunked and no evidence has been collected for documentation. There are no objective paranormal findings of any kind.

Our research on the case at hand gave us very little information. All we had to go on were the client’s claims – so not much. We usually do a formal interview with the client before the actual investigation so we can meet each other, check out the home, and gather more information, but since Rehoboth, MA is a fairly long drive, we decided to do the interview the same day, a couple hours before the investigation.

Upon meeting the client, we could instantly tell that he looked exhausted. His skin was pale, his eyes were bloodshot, he had huge bags under his eyes, and he was cold to the touch. It was evident that something was going on with this man. Our first thoughts were ones of medical concern.

After talking with the client, we discovered that he would see flashes of light and would experience headaches and fatigue. In one instance, he saw a flash of blue light and fainted shortly after with no recollection of what had happened. He had not been to see a physician for these symptoms and told us he had no previous neurological exams done. He also suffers from Crohn’s disease and experiences frequent urination and severe chest pain.

During the interview, we kept a camera on him at all times. We were looking for signs of possible petite mal seizures or other neurological cues that may have given us an answer. He exhibited none of these symptoms throughout the entire night and displayed no physical cues of lying or nervousness. His story did not change over time either. The only cue we were able to gather was one of eye contact – as he would not make it at first. There was a subconscious barrier present, which usually indicates a lack of trust or hopelessness.

When we asked the client about his childhood, we couldn’t gather much information. He could not remember it. In fact, he could not remember much of his teenage years. In many cases, this is due to a traumatic experience which leads to dissociation from reality. Many people will literally forget the events that occurred to avoid dealing with the issues. It is a subconscious and autonomic process. So even though we were unable to determine what may have happened during his childhood (there were reasons I cannot list), we were able to determine that the possibility was likely.


So here we have a man who is struggling not only with physical ailments, but with a troubled past and to top it all off, he feels that he is being attacked spiritually as well.

I decided to do an energy reading on him. My energy readings converge theoretical principles of both the chakras (from Indian theory) and the meridians (from Chinese theory). I quickly discovered that this man’s personality is governed by the Water Element.

Each element type contains various characteristics. The Water Element person is governed by the emotion of fear. This corresponds specifically to a fear of failure, a fear of not being good enough, or a fear of being forgotten. This emotion is why so many Water types tend to suffer from anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and the like. It drives them in everything they do in life. The Water person’s favorite color is usually blue or black, as his was dark blue. The primary water meridians (channels) of the body are the bladder and kidney meridians. The bladder meridian runs from the inside corner of the eyes all the way down the back of the body to the little toes. The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the feet, up the front of the body, to the top of the sternum of the chest. There are many more traits that go into each personality type, but all of the traits determined fit the case to a tee. An excess of chi (energy) in these regions can lead to a homeostatic disturbance within the other systems. The kidney meridian runs straight through the chest and all of his physical symptoms can be associated with an excess (jitsu) flow of chi in these meridians. However, if there is an excess flow of chi in one region, there must be a deficiency (kyo) in others.

Now, his chest pain was caused by an excess flow of chi in the Water meridians, but those aren’t the only meridians that are associated with the thoracic region of the body. From a mere placement of hands three inches off of the client’s chest, we could feel an energy differential. The energy was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold, and so on, so forth. His Heart chakra was suffering, as were his Heart meridians. This makes sense given what information we knew.

The Heart meridians are also governed by the Fire element, the opposing force of Water. Since Water puts out Fire, it tends to dominate the environment (body) and many Water types will experience depression and hopelessness because of it (Fire types are associated with excessive joy and happiness).

So now we knew what was going on energetically for our client. He needed to be healed on an energetic and spiritual level, and that is not something that pharmaceuticals could fix. The problem with allopathic medicine is that it primarily treats the symptoms and does not address the patient as a whole. His issues were stemming from his childhood and many other life circumstances. Deficient energies and a suppressed immune system can lead to vulnerability which can cause negative entities to latch on. They will feed off the negative energy and make your life a living hell.

We decided to do some EVP and Spirit Box sessions, but didn’t get much. It seems that the client was right in determining that the attachment was actually on him and not in the home itself. However, our medium (Chris) did pick up that there was a spirit present in the home, primarily residing in the basement, but it was not affecting the client in any way.

Overall, the home was extremely dark. The only light was given off mostly by lamps and the energy was, almost indescribable. It felt heavy and depressing to be in.

After the EVP sessions concluded, we decided to perform an energetic healing session with the client. We used a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy, Reiki (and other modalities), and prayer to incite healing and send positive affirmations to the client. Except this time, we also used it to lure the entity out of hiding.

When negative entities feel threatened, they tend to hide. They do not want to go away and they do not want any positive, high vibrational energy present. Therefore, by creating a new atmosphere and shifting the client’s mindset into a positive light, we could theoretically separate the entity’s attachment from the body, and that is exactly what we did.

Before the session began, I asked the client to come upstairs with me so we could talk. I told him that during the exercise, he will be taking deep breaths and will be focusing on clearing his mind. However, I instructed him to visualize inhaling his favorite color (dark blue) and visualize it spreading throughout his body with every breath. None of the other team members knew that I asked the client to do this.

A person’s favorite color is associated with their subconscious. It is used in hypnotherapy to bring out suppressed emotions and can even help a person remember life events.


As the energy session started, we sat down and began to build the energy between us. The energy acts as a wall against negative forces and do not allow them to penetrate the circle. It was especially evident during this time that our client was in dire need of healing. We brushed off the negative energy that was so clearly attached to him and began replacing it with positive ones. I asked Chris to pick a color and to say it out loud to see if he picked up on the client’s energy. He said, “Blue.” Although this could merely be a coincidence, it’s a pretty accurate assessment of the session since our client’s favorite color is blue and that is what he was visualizing the entire session. Over time, the client began to feel lighter. I don’t mean lighter as in the literal sense, but in a vibrant, healthy way. He was relaxing and allowing positive thoughts to enter his body and his mind. It was almost as if the negative entity detached itself from him. It could no longer hold on, and that is exactly what we wanted.

Chris saw a lady in white standing behind our client, almost as if holding her arms out in support. Just as Chris saw this, oddly enough, I thought of standing up behind the client and putting my hands on his shoulders. A subjective experience, but odd nonetheless. Our only thought on this is that this spirit was trying to protect him, but the power of the negative entity was too much for her to come through. She might even be the one who reached out to our group and helped us to get this case. Once we dialed the negative energy back, she was able to help.


Surprisingly enough, just as the entity detached itself, our IR camera clicked as if something or someone walked by it. Where the camera was positioned, it could not have been an animal and we were all sitting within a visual distance of it. The room got extremely cold and I felt something behind me. The TV suddenly turned on by itself. It’s almost as if something walked around our circle, but could not get through. The TV turned on and off a couple more times within the next fifteen minutes or so. The remote was sitting by itself on the table and no one else was present in the house.


We can’t explain the feeling of what it was like being in the house at the time. As silly as it sounds, it felt as if there were an energetic battle taking place. It felt as if something was trying to make us leave, or make us stop what we were doing.


Our client is of Roman Catholic faith. We began to say the Lord’s Prayer and commanded the entity to leave and go back to where it came from. It was no longer allowed in the house or near our client. But this wasn’t enough. Our client needed to say it, and he needed to mean it. We told him that it needed to come from the heart. He needed to take all of those suppressed emotions, all of that vent up anger, and release it. Tell it to leave, once and for all. With some positive reinforcement, he began to order it to leave him alone.


We opened a window and continued our session of prayer. Chris saw a hooded, child-like shadow figure standing in the corner of the room, as if he didn’t want to leave. He got up and began to tell the entity to leave through the window, but it would not budge. In fact, it was so strong that it pushed him back. Chris recruited Melissa to help him and together, they guided it toward the window and forced it out.


We closed the window and the entire house instantly felt lighter. We’re using the word indescribable a lot, but that is what it felt like. We turned on all of the lights. Our client’s eyes were no longer bloodshot. They were completely white. His skin had color. He looked better. He looked relaxed. He told us he felt like a new person.


Before leaving, we asked him to bless the house with Holy Water, but we were all going to do it together. We walked throughout the home, blessing all of the exterior doors and hitting every corner of every room. The feeling was once again, indescribable.


Grunts and moans could be heard during the blessing as our client was splashing Holy Water throughout the house. Negative entities tend to leave a residual footprint wherever they go, and if we were killing off the rest of that energy by blessing the home, then that is fine by us.    


Case Closed

Our client is doing better and has been given daily exercises to help him throughout his life. As long as he keeps with positive thoughts, he will be fine.

The client continues to search for paranormal teams, priests, and demonologists asking for help for his affliction. We receive emails from him at least once per month, and we do not think he remembers we already went out there, which is concerning. He also never responds to our replies. He was rude to our team post-investigation and we refuse to further work with him. He is on his own.

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