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Eastern CT Paranormal

Mission Statement

The Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society (E.C.P.S.) is a group of paranormal investigators that have come together to find the truth through in-depth investigative techniques. E.C.P.S. relies on not one, but rather several approaches when studying paranormal claims. The team uses technical methods, formal logical approaches, and the use of spiritually-gifted individuals to gather data and evidence of the paranormal.

Our goal here at E.C.P.S. is to assist clients through validation and education of what experiences they may be going through. It is not our goal to dramatize or sensationalize their experiences, but to simply find the truth.

To do this, E.C.P.S. employs the education of its team members, but also of various professionals in their respective fields including, but not limited to physicians, archaeologists, and psychologists.​


Latest News


New Blog - A Psychic Experience with Reiki

January 21, 2022

Chris assisted a family dealing with a negative attachment this past weekend with the help of a Reiki practitioner. Click here to read all about his experience!

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Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Your contribution gives us an avenue to continue performing paranormal research and helping people all over the country.

Since launching the team in 2016, we've accumulated a good amount of content and documentation. We have sacrificed a lot in our personal lives to make this dream a reality, and have been working upwards of 20+ hours per week for free (outside of our full-time jobs), all with the mindset that our hard work will pay off some day. You are helping to make that dream possible for us and together, we can change the way paranormal research is performed and bring credibility back to the field.


Services We Offer

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Paranormal Investigations

If you believe something supernatural is occurring to you or your home, give us a call to schedule an investigation.

Lectures & Education

E.C.P.S. is available for media appearances and podcasts, and offers educational lectures and presentations.

Parapsychological Research

E.C.P.S. employs scientific scrutiny. We believe that most claims of paranormal activity stem from psychological and neurological phenomena, often in the domains of perception and cognition.


Contact Us

Serving the Connecticut, New England, and Tri-State areas!

If you would like to request an investigation, please give us a call. If you can't reach us, please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also choose to send us an email via the contact form below.

Please reach out to us for any other inquiries regarding interviews, podcasts, or lectures as well.


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