Farewell from Melissa

May 3, 2019

My name is Melissa Whited and I am a paranormal investigator with Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society. By the end of this message, I will be a former member of this team.


My journey with the paranormal started many years ago, when I became curious about things that were happening in a previous apartment. I had been on other paranormal teams, but they never felt right to me. I really wanted to find the truth about what was happening, not just collect evidence. This journey began with meeting Chris.


It was the end of my shift, and I was cleaning up getting ready to leave work. I saw a man looking around, and then I realized it was Chris (not sure if he knows this, but I had stalked him on Facebook already). A group of us were planning to meet up the next day for a ghost hunt, and he’d wanted to meet me beforehand. My first thought upon seeing him was “His eyes do not match his face.” What did this mean? Why did I think this? I looked into his eyes and got the sense of an animal. I found out later his spirit animal is a wolf, as is mine.


Dave and I met on our first investigation. We were not yet a team, but it was the first time the three of us investigated together. I had met Dave before, on one dark night at a cemetery, but I don’t think I could have picked him out again -- that was a cold and dark winter night! So let’s just say the first time I really met Dave was at Captain Grant’s Inn, a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Preston, CT. I was in the cemetery out back when Dave approached me. Together, we walked into the B&B and figured out where we would set up base camp and where cameras would go. We worked very well together, seamlessly! Dave’s spirit animal is an owl.


After that night, Chris approached Dave about forming a team, and they decided to ask me to join.  This is how Eastern CT Paranormal Society was born.


It was over two years later that Ruby joined our team. I have had less than a year working with her, but she is very much an asset to the team with her photography skills and psychology background. Ruby reminds us of a panther.


My time spent with Chris and Dave has helped me to grow spiritually. I went from being a person who had an interest in the paranormal, but who was afraid to be alone in a room, to gaining confidence and even doing solo sessions. I developed into a very spiritual person who has leveled up so many times, spiritually. I realized that I do not always generate my thoughts; they come from my loved ones, guides, angels and yes, even the Lord. I have learned so much about energy and how to interpret what I am feeling, thinking, even seeing!


If you could have been in my head in Windsor! The stuff I saw that the cameras did not pick up. Chris and I were hearing a voice talk over the priest, however, it was not on audio! Dave and I saw firefly-like “things” all night long, but not one camera picked up on it. We felt spiders crawling all over us, which was such an odd feeling because there was never anything on us. Windsor is practically a novel as so much went on. My spiritual growth started there. We learned that evil lived there, and I knew I needed more than just believing in The Lord. I consulted a friend of mine about God, and he helped me get a lot closer to Him. This friend was crucial in my growth with God. I ended up surrendering to Him, and let me tell you, my life changed!


Another case that will stay with me is the Danielson case. This case involved children; one child in particular was being pushed down the stairs, scratched, basically being terrorized. Our client was a single mother who would do anything for her children! In fact, the family was staying in a hotel when we arrived the night of the investigation. I was mad that this young child was being bullied by a spirit. I hate bullies to begin with, but come on, we can’t even see you! The client gave us a tour of the house and property. Upon venturing outside, I discovered there was a statue of Mother Mary hidden behind overgrown bushes! I asked if we could trim back the branches so Mother Mary could continue to bless the house, and we were granted permission. That was a great day. Dave, my boyfriend, and I went to the client’s house to cut and clear away brush. It was awesome to see Mother Mary with her arms opened wide, facing the house again! However, she was worn, with her paint peeling, and peeled off entirely in places. On a different day, a good friend of mine and I went back to repaint Mother Mary. What a wonderful feeling it was to do this. It shows we will do anything to help our clients. I continue to stay in touch with this family!


Not all cases have been as serious. Most of 2018’s cases consisted of clients asking for spiritual help, and we did not deal so much with hauntings throughout the year. Still, during the North Haven case we caught an apparition, and we captured some other cool evidence, some unexplained, over the year as well. The most important thing I remember is that we helped our clients. We stayed true to our mission statement: to find the truth.


Today, I am a different person than I was when I started this journey over three years ago. I am closer to God, I read energy much better, and I have learned to listen to my thoughts and pay attention to the visions I may get; these are messages from above or from our guides. I would not be who I am today without these experiences.


Both Chris and Dave have helped me spiritually as well. Their gifts have given me insight to my own path. Dave gave me a gentle push to start my business as a Reiki Practitioner. Chris showed me I was destined to do more with Reiki. I am now a Karuna Reiki® practitioner. I am now clairaudient, an ability that grew during my time with the team. I am more intuitive, as Dave and Chris taught me to listen to my inner voice. We meet people on our journey of life -- some stay, some leave. Either way, there are lessons for one or both people involved.


I am here on this Earth to learn and to grow, and in order to continue this path, I am leaving the team. This was not a quick decision; I contemplated for months. I am being pushed, by my guides/angels, in another direction.  I will never truly leave the paranormal field; it will forever be a passion of mine. Currently I am opening up to the universe and going down a different path.


I will miss our pre-hunt meet ups at Dunkin’. I will miss watching Chris tripping over his feet on just about every case (not always caught on camera, sadly). I will NOT miss Dave clicking that damn pen or drumming on his legs! I will miss Ruby running when she gets scared by something. These are all memories that play over and over in my mind, therefore, we don’t truly miss anyone. Besides, we will all stay in touch.


I am thankful for the time I was given with Dave, Chris, and Ruby. I am thankful for the memories, too. I wish the team further success, and I sure hope they get their Dunkin’ sponsorship someday!


In conclusion, I am leaving Eastern CT Paranormal Society so I may continue my spiritual growth. I will always be a paranormal investigator at heart!


Best of luck to the team! It was great working with you all. Thank you to our past clients for their hospitality; there is nothing like being fed balsamic cheese and crackers! J

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