Leap of Faith

March 1, 2019

A leap of faith! Simple words, simple concept. According to Google, the word “leap” is a verb and means to “Jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.” Google states the word “faith,” it is a noun to mean, “Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” Okay, so I jump to a great height and put my trust in someone, for me it’s God. To rephrase and make my point, a leap of faith means to take a giant step and have faith in an unseen force. Let that sink in. I am to trust an unseen, non-tangible force to guide me and provide for me. Please know I am a Christian and fully believe and trust in our Lord. So why is taking a leap of faith so hard? The Lord has proven to me over and over that He is there for me and has always provided for me. With this said, a leap of faith seems pretty simple, I assure it is not.


I surrendered to God awhile ago. It felt great! It has brought me closer to Him and strengthened our relationship. I say a prayer of gratitude every single day. I fully trust His ways, His lessons. For some reason I am struggling with this leap of faith. I have even asked for His forgiveness while I learn His lesson (I will use God and universe interchangeably, after all God did create the universe).


I reached out to a good friend of mine for some insight; I was struggling internally and didn’t know why. She gave me a reading and explained that I did not completely trust this leap of faith. I had already put my two weeks’ notice in at this point and left the company completely. My problem was fear. Fear is a human response, humans create fear, and it actually does not exist. We create fear when we are afraid of the unknown. What was I to be afraid of? I have God on my side!


Upon searching the internet, I found an incredible page, a lady named Gabby Bernstein. She explains her story and her struggle in taking her leap of faith, and why it is hard. She has a five step system and I wrote it all down while journaling (www.gabbybernstein.com - the five steps to spiritual surrender).


Did you see that? There are steps to surrender. I had not completely surrendered myself to the universe. The universe will not intervene until I COMPLETELY SURRENDER. My hands were still on the wheel, controlling every turn. I needed to let go! I told the universe what I wanted, with true intent, with love, but I didn’t release my grip from the wheel. So much easier said than done, I promise you that. Keep in mind the wheel is tangible, something for me to see and trust. After reading Gabby’s article, I started with her first step.

Surrender through prayer. Do not pray for a specific outcome, pray for the universe to show you what you need. Ask for the highest good.


Gabby then states to be sure to appreciate what you already have. Gratitude is huge in everyday life! Be grateful when you get the green light you asked for, the close parking spot, the elevator that was held open for you; say thank you! For me, I needed to be grateful for what the universe is giving me, I have a roof over my head, I have ample food, I have a vehicle that is reliable and takes me to both offices, I have clients, and I do have an income. As humans, we are too focused on the future, we forget to live in the now. Right now, this moment, I have everything I need to survive. That is what I needed to remember. The universe cannot help me if I grab the wheel; I must trust I will be provided for. Please do not misunderstand, I must DO the work! I am not sitting on the couch expecting the universe to provide me with clients. I am out there hitting the streets, creating flyers, and networking. The universe will meet me half way, but I HAVE to do the work.


There will be challenges along the way, but it is how you deal with them that matters. It is all about perception. Think of these obstacles as being redirected, detours. Don’t fight it, welcome the change and move on. Bring dark shadows to light. I had anger inside of me, because I could not understand why things were not happening as I expected them to. So the dark shadow, or anger, I came to terms with, I accepted it, I gave it love and understood it was my emotion. Once I brought it into the light, I was able to “let go” and truly trust the universe.


Ask the universe for a sign, they say prayer is asking question, meditating is receiving answers. Signs can be in songs, billboards, numbers, license plates, people walking by and you over hear their conversation, and the list goes on. Just be mindful!


When you think you have surrendered, Gabby says, surrender more. Faith is a muscle; you strengthened it through constant contact with God. Spiritual surrender is a daily activity.


We all have our lessons in life. This was a huge one for me. I was meant to experience this, to go through all this different levels of emotions, just so I could learn about taking a leap of faith. Another good friend of mine told me, “The most meaningful and profound lessons are usually the most challenging. Surrendering is incredibly difficult and many deeply spiritual people spend lifetimes trying to master the skill of surrender.”


So don’t be hard on yourself; don’t beat yourself up. Learn your lesson and move on, however, be sure to share your experience and also be sure to help others. Life is not a competition; we should all rise to help each other grow.

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