Paying My Respects

July 3, 2018



This is a story about me giving back to the Lord. Mind you, there are many different ways to do this, there is no right answer. I did what I felt compelled to do.


A client reached out to us on May 20th, 2018 regarding an entity attacking her 13-year-old daughter. On May 23rd, our team was at the house for an investigation.


Upon arrival, we met with the family and our team was given a tour of the house as well as the land. This stone house was built in 1949 and has two floors and a basement. The outside of the house is not only stone but has three bells on the balcony. I inquired about the bells and was told that a previous owner had them imported from a London Church. There are two smaller bells and one larger bell on the detached garage as well. I was also drawn to a structure in the backyard, about three feet high, built in a square shape from the stone; there were four pieces of rebar sticking out from the top. I asked about that and was told there used to be a bell there also. In fact, there are three of these structures, all once having bells on them. At first glance, you would notice two rows of bushes. The ones in back stood about ten feet high and fifteen feet in diameter. Then, the second set of bushes, in front of other bushes, stood about five feet high and six feet in diameter. Now in between these two sets of bushes were a flag pole, a stone bench that rested against a fourth structure, and a neglected statue of Mother Mary. This statue was unseen; you had to walk into the bushes to view it. It broke my heart to see such an icon covered, buried, and neglected.


We investigated that night and all night long, I had Mother Mary on my mind. Given the severity of the case, I knew Mother Mary had to be exposed, to help the family.


I asked Dave to contact the client and ask permission to trim back the bushes to expose Mother Mary and the client said yes! Dave asked to come along as we could then do a reveal of evidence to the client simultaneously. Less than a week had passed since investigating and Dave, my boyfriend, and I were back to trim the bushes. We got it all done in less than two hours which included clean up. Man - did it make a difference! To have Mother Mary exposed, to be in the sunlight again, and out of the shadows - but that wasn’t enough. She was tattered, worn, and just plain neglected for so many years. My heart was not satisfied. I wanted to do more. I told Dave we needed to bless Mother Mary with Holy Water and I will send her Reiki as well. We did forget to do this at our initial visit.


Upon our second investigation of the house, we had a guest investigator. She also has mediumship abilities. She told us that Mother Mary is crying due to all the years of neglect and that we should bless Her with Holy Water. We did so that night. We all stood in front of Her, bowed our heads, said our prayers as Our Lady was being blessed.


Later that week, I contacted a good friend of mine, Rose, whom is a very good artist. I asked if she was willing to volunteer to help restore Mother Mary. She jumped right on it and was very happy to be a part of it. Again, we asked the client and she was very excited to have us come do this. Rose and I went over on that Monday, to apply a stripping agent, cleaned Her up, and let Her dry. The next day, we primed and painted Her. Wow! Our Lady looks brand new! The family would like to move her closer to the house, but the statue was just too heavy and too high up for us to do.


By doing this volunteer work, I felt I was paying my respects to the Lord. I was drawn to uncover and restore Mother Mary. I wanted to do it, it felt right. It was my way of giving back.


Please do not confuse my actions with “If I do a good deed, I will go to Heaven.” Good deeds do not get us into Heaven. I do firmly believe Jesus paid our debt for our sins. This was me giving back, after all the Lord has done for me. I wanted to volunteer my time, my labor, and my money for supplies, and not only that, but all this came from my heart. True intent! I truly wanted to do this. I truly wanted nothing in return but satisfaction that Mother Mary is now restored. Our Lady is smiling and is happy, sun shining down on Her as She watches over the house. I am ever so grateful for my good friend Rose that donated her painting supplies and time too.


I always say, speak from the heart, not the mind.

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