"They Are Listening..."

August 26, 2017

We talk to ourselves, whether aloud or in our heads. Talking is praying, but it’s not always about reciting prayers, to me; it’s a conversation. I talk to God and His angels daily. Every day I say good morning and thank God, His angels, and my guides for everything they do for me. I truly believe I would not be who I am today without their guidance.

This blog is about my experience with praying to God, His angels, and my guides. You may not believe in God, and that is perfectly fine. Whomever you pray to, talk to, any spiritual being; maybe it is just the universe you talk to; either way, they are listening.


At some point in our lives, we slept through our alarm clocks. We pray to make it to work/class on time. We ask that there be no heavy traffic. “Please, please, just let there be all green lights!” You just can’t be late again. Well, they are listening and responding; giving you your wish. Did you thank them?


I have been told that I cannot pray directly to angels, that I am actually praying to their messengers, who in return will deliver the message for me. I am not here to argue that point. Simply put, I pray to the angels.


I pray to Archangel Michael when I need protection, whether on a paranormal case or when meditating. Maybe I just need his strength to get through a tough time. I call upon Archangel Raphael when I need healing energies because I am stressed or sad. I even call upon him during Reiki sessions to help clients. Have you ever misplaced something? I do, maybe too often, but I call upon St. Anthony as he is very helpful too. Whether I am actually talking directly to angels or not is irrelevant. They are listening and that is what matters to me. I know they hear my prayers.


"How do I know they are listening?" I am glad you asked. I will try to explain the feeling the best I can, but honestly, it is indescribable. Let me try by telling you a quick story.


This story takes place over a year ago. The client explained what was happening to her and her family and she felt it was possibly something demonic (this was one of our first cases). Upon getting ready that morning, I was thinking about the case. I did a morning cleanse, a sea salt bath, and spoke to God asking Him to guide us. Upon getting dressed, I spoke to Archangel Michael. I asked him to please protect us. About a minute later, I heard a single chime of a bell. The TV was off, I was alone, and there were no wind chimes in or outside of the house. I didn’t know where the chime came from. I grabbed my jacket and as I was putting it on, I had an overwhelming sensation throughout my entire body. The best way to explain it is that I felt I was showered with divine love. I felt warm, safe, confident and there was such a huge smile on my face. It was an absolutely incredible feeling!


Hearing bells or chimes are signs of angels nearby. That is when I knew that Archangel Michael heard my prayer. He not only heard it, but wanted to let me know he heard me and that he would be with us that night. To fast forward to later that night, Chris, our team medium, pulled me aside to tell me that I was very protected. He further asked me what I did to be so protected and I told him of my cleansing rituals and prayers.


I have prayed to Archangel Raphael and his response was minutes later. I saw a green flash of light! Green is his color, the color of healing energies. I was pulling my car keys out from my coat pocket and that is when I saw a flash of emerald green. Brightly too! He was letting me know that he heard me. He has been quick to respond to me, so I have found. While battling some emotions, I called upon Archangel Raphael and within a couple of minutes, I was crying. It was the release/cleanse that I needed.


My advice is to pray with true intent. Do not just wish for something, self gain is not rewarded. Please remember, whenever you pray, pray with love, with honesty, and with true intent. You send love out to the universe, you get love in return. You give patience, you get patience. You give peace, you get peace. Always remember this: "They are listening.”



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