My Ghost Story

April 26, 2016

Paranormal, ghosts, the darkness, things that go bump in the night, Halloween; all these words bring images to our minds. Evil; now here is a word with many different meanings, pending on its use. We can say, “Someone has evil intentions in a dark alley.” or it can mean “pure evil that haunts a location”. We watch scary movies and ghost hunting shows on TV in the safety


of our homes, but until you have a personal experience, no words can describe how one feels. The first experience paralyses one with fear.


Let me tell you some stories that lead me to study the paranormal. 


I lived in a duplex for around 15 years, roughly the first half of that was with a roommate. I never heard, saw or noticed any type of paranormal activity while living with the roommate. It wasn’t until the roommate left that things started to happen.  It was my two cats and I living in a three level duplex. One day, my boyfriend pointed out that there was about 4 feet of space from bulk head to the end of that side of house. When I opened the bulk head door, there was a wall of cinder blocks where there was 4 feet of space outside. Man, was I curious about this. There was no ceiling in the basement, so I was able to put my camera, carefully, through the joist and reach into this sealed off room and snap pictures. I found debris, broken cinder blocks, saw dust, beer cans, a handkerchief, etc. However, the debris was a huge pile that extended the entire length and width of the room; never did see what was underneath it all.


 I can tell you what happened in this apartment.


Trust your animals! They know more than us and usually before us too. Animals are very sensitive to energy and spirits are energy. I had an experience where I used my cat for guidance. It was a Saturday night and I had been home all day long, never left the apartment. I had heard light banging noises, but ignored them as the walls were very thin. As the night moved on, the noise became more frequent and louder. I finally looked towards the basement as did my cat; simultaneously. “Oh man, why the basement?” I thought to myself. What was neat about this experience was the fact my cat and I were in sync. The basement stairs spiraled down, so I could take a couple of steps and peer down and see the entire room. Whenever I stopped, so did my cat, which was in front of me. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, I went over to the cabinets. There were 4 cabinets in a row with small wooden pieces you turn to open the doors. I knew the door was spring loaded, so I reached over to flick the wood piece and as I jumped backwards, the door swung open. My cat flew into the cabinets. I opened the last door to have my cat walk out. This told me that no one was in the cabinets; there was not enough room for a person and a cat to be inside. I further inserted my arm into the cabinet and did not feel a breeze. I have no idea what made the doors bang. Needless to say, the banging never happened again. But it was an eye opener for me.


Other things happened too. I was in bed and could hear whispering in the hallway. Remember, I live alone; there should not be any whispering! On a different night, I heard the sound of a breathing machine at the foot of my bed. These things were scary to me and I didn’t understand how this could happen or even why. I was frozen in bed, afraid to move. Every time I would look at my cat, he was at full attention glaring in the same direction as I was.


I have had different types of paranormal experiences.  As a young adult, I would have dreams I could control; known as lucid dreaming. I knew nothing about lucid dreaming at that point in time, just thought it was cool. I knew I was dreaming and took control of it. However, with this came a night of sleep paralysis.


I was in bed with my cat to my right. Prior to falling asleep, I saw myself having trouble breathing, it was odd, and maybe it was a premonition. Within 15 minutes of this “thought”, I fell asleep, with a force holding me down, I could not see, my bedroom was pitch black, and I tried so hard to yell to my cat (I don’t know why, I just knew if I said his name, this would stop). Finally, I bolted up and looked over at my cat that was sound asleep. I learned years later that I may have been trying to astral project, again without any knowledge of doing so.


One point in my life I started to have premonitions via dreams. It was cool, but it was only of family or coworkers being pregnant. I would call and tell them about my dream and they would confirm it was true. Pretty cool! Until I had a bad dream about my brother and after that I wished it to go away and it did!


In 2015, I dreamt of an accident outside the house. In the dream, it was a red Colorado truck. After awaking from this dream, I went to the bathroom. On the way out of the bathroom, I noticed red lights coming in through the window. I put on a jacket, and walked down the driveway to find a red Colorado truck on a flatbed. What I dreamt already happened, but still it was kind of freaky!


The above experiences sparked my curiosity of the paranormal. I would take pictures and see if I caught anything, mostly orbs. I would capture a lady and her infant child often. She could be seen (via pictures) in a coat closet door, which sits above the sealed off room.


I have been on a spiritual path my entire life, always looking for answers. Always believing in God, but knowing there was more out there. I started taking an interest in the paranormal as my experiences became more frequent, but I also became less scared. I was so excited to join my very first paranormal group in 2013. I learned a lot and had so much fun. That group dissolved, so I then moved on to another group. As I was going on cases, I came to realize I wanted more out of ghost hunting.


While with this second group, I noticed we were collecting data and posting awesome video and EVP’s, but that was it! I felt like it was all about the evidence. I can still remember the lady on her porch crying about how her son is being affected by these spirits. She begged us to help her get rid of it. That hit home with me. Sure, great evidence is awesome, but that’s not what I am about. I wanted nothing more than to help this lady. I spent my own time at the town hall researching her land and house, but to no avail due to a fire that may have destroyed the records I needed.


I left this second group. I was bummed because it meant no more hunting, but it was more important to me to help people. I was determined to find like-minded people. I cannot explain how important research is! So much information is necessary to help understand the client, their land, their house, and their environment. Research + interview + evidence = answers, to help the client. That’s what it is truly about. This current team is dedicated to finding answers and helping people in every way we can, whether it is sending souls to the light or teaching humans and spirits to co-exist.

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