Protection from the Paranormal

May 18, 2016


The most common question I am asked is, “What if something follows you home?” Excellent question! The answer is simple; I now protect myself, from a simple prayer to an all out ritual(s).


When I started out investigating, I was clueless about surrounding myself with white light. I was out for the adventure, the thrill, the experience. Man, there's nothing like a rush of adrenaline when you hear a noise, or get a direct response via spirit box; the chill that goes right up your spine! Or how about the time I told a spirit off, called him all sorts of names? Sure, all equipment died, equipment that was fully charged, completely dead within 1 minute of my taunt (which I do not recommend, I was a rookie). Thing is, you never know when a spirit will attach itself to you, it can do so for any reason. Also, if you are already sick, you are considered weak, therefore, more likely that a spirit may attach itself to you.


I was already sick with adrenal fatigue. Basically I was on a medication that prevented all minerals and vitamins from entering my system; it all went to waste instead. This made me tired all day long every day. One summer night, we went to a cemetery (I do not encourage trespassing) and into a crypt to set up. We all sat around the rock-like bench and started an EVP session.  Shortly into the session, I felt a bite, slapped my leg, and yelled out that something bit me. That night when I got home, I did not notice anything on my leg. One week and two days later, I found a bull’s eye on my leg; I had Lyme disease.


So now I am in adrenal fatigue coupled with Lyme disease. Talk about bad luck! Well, it didn’t end there. I found out later I may have had an attachment from previous investigations. One of them was an insane asylum in a disclosed location. I reached out to a lady via Facebook as well as a local shop. They helped me tremendously. They taught me about white light, the use of white candles, sea salt baths, smudging of the house, me and my car, and so much more.


Most important thing to do is always surround yourself with white light, God’s light. Envision a bright white light completely surrounding yourself; you are inside this bubble filled with God’s light all around you. This is very effective and can be used daily for any reason.


Prayer goes a long way. There was a case we thought may have had evil in the house. I prayed to God and St. Michael, asking them to protect our group throughout the day. I even recited the St. Michael’s prayer. Within 15-20 minutes of doing this, I heard a single chime of a bell and I felt extremely protected, warm, and safe. Trust me when I say prayer works, I felt it that day (meditation is great too)!


Sea salt baths are great! The first time I took one, I almost cried, no joke! After taking a shower, you run a bath. As the tub is filling up with water, pour sea salt, (not table salt), into left hand, and think of your negative energy flowing into your hand. I give thanks to the universe for taking my negative energy and thank mother nature for transmuting my negative energy back into the earth. Put your  open hand into the stream of water allowing the salt to fall into the tub. Turn off the water at this point. Cup the water with your hands pouring over your head; be sure to repeat for the entire body.


Smudging has been used by Native Americans for many years as it rids negative energy. I like to add sweet grass to my sage, as sweet grass welcomes positive energy into space. There are many variations in how to smudge properly, feel free to Google and find which method is more comfortable for you. I live in a small place and I go in a clockwise direction. If in a house, then start in the basement pushing the negativity energy upstairs and/or out windows. I advise opening all windows and doors before starting this ritual; after all, you want it to leave!  Get every nook and cranny; under beds, and dressers, corners of the room, behind sofas, chairs… you get the idea. Take your time, no need to rush this! Keep the sage burning strong; don’t be afraid to relight if needed.


Depending on what type of activity a case may have, I have been known to further protect myself. Four sandwich bags, a pinch of sea salt in each one then place each bag in the four corners of the car. Two in the trunk, one on left, one on right. Then place remaining two bags up front in cabin. I have floor mats I tuck the bag into. This creates a barrier, an invisible border that cannot be crossed by negative energy.


Essential oils have many uses. I get a bowl of water with lavender essential oil and wash down the front door, along with window sills. Negativity does not like lavender; therefore they will not enter your house, as long as all entrances are covered. You may also use a pinch of salt above door jams and windows too! I also carry tektite on a daily basis and let’s not forget the rosary beads!


Bottom line is to be safe! Take care of yourself first! I cannot stress that enough. Spirits are energy; they have no problem depleting us of our own energy to become stronger. When leaving a location or room, tell spirits they are not allowed to follow you home, they are not welcome.


Hope this helps, please know these are my suggestions only. I encourage researching and learning what works best for you! Be safe out there!

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