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What We Are Doing During Quarantine

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hello to all our followers! I hope you are all well and are safely following the social distancing guidelines. As you can guess, E.C.P.S. is following all CDC protocols and not currently scheduling any cases. I thought I would give you an update of what we are doing during this dreaded quarantine period.

Eli, our intern, is writing blogs. Please check out his latest blog, “How My First Experience Launched Me into Paranormal Investigating.” It discusses his first experience of paranormal activity and how he became interested in the paranormal field. It is a great read and I am sure it will resonate with most of you. Stay tuned for more of his blogs as the quarantine period lingers on.

Ruby, our photographer and Intake Coordinator, is fielding new and current clients’ phone calls and questions. She has created an extensive spreadsheet detailing cases by severity, location, and timelines. She is also reviewing photos and videos that clients are sending us to determine their legitimacy. On that note, if you have photos or videos, please continue to send them to our email address. We will get back to you with our findings within a day.

David, Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, and Psychic Empath has used this down time to get caught up on writing and uploading case files to our website. It is a full-time job in and of itself. I encourage you to check in regularly to read about our cases. You will see the work that goes into each one. David is also working on a new and improved website. The website is being worked on in conjunction with the current one so there will not be any inconsistencies between the two platforms. The new site will read better, load faster, and allow an easier integration of information behind the scenes. The new website will be up by June 1st. I am excited, and I know you will be as well.

I am keeping busy as well. I am also taking this time to get caught up on Medium Reports and getting them to David for our case files. I purchased a fancy printer that allows me to scan the drawings of my visions. I can now include those in our case files for you all to see. I am taking calls from clients that we cannot get to due to the quarantine, but none the less need our services. I have talked with a few clients and after answering their questions, relieved their anxiety so they are able to coexist with the activity until we can get there. In some cases, the answers they receive solve the issues entirely.

Well, there is the update. As soon as it is safe for our team to get back to investigating, we will be there! Please continue to reach out to us with your concerns and requests for investigations. Keep sending us your photos and videos. We will review them and get back to you with our findings. In the meantime, one of us can speak with you and assist where we can. We also offer Skype. If a face-to-face conversation is required, we can set up a time to communicate with you.

As always, you can contact us through our email at and our social media platforms.

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