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Private Residence - Patchogue, New York

Investigation Date: August 25, 2016


Investigators: David Bray, Chris O’Connor


Client Claims: In March, 2016, our team received a chance to film a pilot episode for a major television network. Various teams throughout the tri-state area were competing to win the opportunity. There were three phases of interviews that we had to pass to be chosen for the role. The first interview was by phone, the second was done via Skype, and the third was by email. These interviews occurred over a period of four months, after which we learned we were the top team and were chosen to film the pilot. Chris and I traveled to Patchogue, New York, which is part of Long Island, on August 25, 2016 to film the episode.


The clients’ claims were the usual. They said that objects would move, disappear, or rearrange around the house. They would hear voices calling them from downstairs, but upon investigating, they would find no one there. They were woken up in the middle of the night several times and would always feel like they were being watched.


Subjective Claims:

  • Chris:

    • Upon arriving, he met the elderly woman who used to live next door. She has passed on.

    • He received visions of a young girl, around five or six years old.

    • He also received visions of an elderly woman, whom he believed to be the young girl’s grandmother. She was not a friendly person.

    • Laughter from a young girl was heard while investigating the kitchen.

  • David:

    • No subjective claims of any kind.


Objective Findings:

  • Photos:

    • No photographic evidence was found.

  • Audio:
    • No EVPs were captured during our investigation, but the Spirit Box was responding intelligently and accurately with Chris’ subjective claims.

  • Video:

    • No video evidence was found.



Paranormal Level: Grade 0 - All subjective paranormal activity has been debunked and no evidence has been collected for documentation. There are no objective paranormal findings of any kind.


This was such a cool experience for us and we were honored to have been chosen to film this pilot. However, the show never took off and we were not told why. We believe it may be due to the lack of legitimate evidence during our visit. Although the Spirit Box was active and the K2 Meter consistently spiked, that was about it. We could not prove that anything paranormal was happening and we were able to debunk various claims. Doesn’t make for a good TV show, now does it? But that is okay with us, as we would never sacrifice our dignity or the validity of the field just for money or fame.


Before we left, we educated the clients on what they could do to decrease activity should it continue to occur. Unfortunately, because of the producer’s time constraints, we were only there for about two hours and could not do much more other than what they needed to film.



If the clients or the television network would ever like us to re-visit this case, then we will do so. We are curious as to what would occur if we were able to investigate at full capacity without time constraints or five other people in the house.

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