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'Cemeteries' includes any and all places of burial. Cemeteries, graveyards, mausoleums, and crypts are all common here.

Aspen Grove Cemetery

Ware, MA - December 19, 2015

Aspen Grove Cemetery is truly a beautiful place in the quaint little town of Ware, MA. The cemetery is known for its autumn foliage and rolling hills and valleys; some of which overlook a pristine pond. The various monuments include prominent members of Ware's past and serves as a testament to the history of the town. The cemetery was originally established in 1852 along with the town itself. Over time, the town of Ware has added additional acres to the property to make room for more burial space. The pond, which is called "Snow's Pond", is actually not a naturally occurring body of water. It was formed by a dam which was built in the 1800s to provide water for a grist mill for the Snow family.

Over the years, stories of ghostly apparitions, humanoid figures, shadow people, and more began to stem from witnesses in the town. Photographs are known to show spirit rods, orbs, and misty figures. Some police officers refuse to drive through the cemetery at night due to encounters with said shadow figures and apparitions. Auditory whispers are heard not only on voice recorders, but audible to the human ear as well. Further stories tell of a man with a cane who will follow those who walk by the pond at night.

Subjective Claims:

He received the vision of an old man walking by the water looking for his wife.

Objective Findings:

Several spirit rod photos were captured on photo.

No audio evidence was found.

No video evidence was found.


Paranormal Level: Grade 1 – Subjective paranormal activity cannot be debunked and at least one piece of evidence has been collected and documented, either by EVP or photo/video.​

Aspen Grove Cemetery received a ‘Grade 1’ rating simply because it didn’t live up to its reputation. In fact, the only reason it’s not receiving a “0” grade is because Chris caught several photos of spirit rods.
Maybe we got our hopes up heading into this case, but we were let down. The cemetery was dead (no pun intended) most of the night and several investigators did not experience subjective claims of any kind. It was an extremely cold night, so you would think that paranormal activity would have been in a heightened state, but that wasn’t our experience.
Most of the claims made about the cemetery could be chalked up to psychological explanations, urban legends, and drugs. After all, many of the claims have come from teenagers who regularly smoke and drink in the hills by the pond. In fact, catching some photos of spirit rods is not uncommon. It is a cemetery, after all.


Case Closed

As far as returning to Aspen Grove Cemetery, it is pretty unlikely. That’s not to say that the claims aren’t true and that there isn’t paranormal activity happening; that just wasn’t our experience. So unless we’re up in that area already, I don’t think we’ll be revisiting any time soon.

Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society
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