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Enfield Demon House - Enfield, CT

Investigation Date: October 31, 2015


Investigators: David Bray, Chris O’Connor, Emily O’Connor

Guest Investigators: Kristina Shavor-Lincoln, Anna Smith


History: On a side street in Enfield, CT sits a duplex which has notoriously become known as "The Demon House.” The home was built in 1771 and is considered to be the oldest home in Enfield, CT. Much of the house is still vacant and is under renovation.

The current owners, Jay and Elke, have been plagued by a demonic presence ever since they bought the home in 2006. After tons of research, Jay found out that his home has a very morbid history of 25+ deaths, ranging from homicides, suicides, freak accidents, and random bouts of illnesses. The family went through a vast number of paranormal investigators, priests, shamans, and even a bishop to try and rid their home of the demonic entity, but failed at every turn.


The activity reported in the house is as real as it gets. The demonic entity has been known to physically harm people, even pushing Elke (who was pregnant at the time) down the stairs. After mocking the demon, a friend of the family was reported to have been in a serious car accident, causing him to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He will no longer go near the house. Stories of blood appearing all over the walls and ceiling of an upstairs bedroom, priests refusing to enter the attic, and things that seem to come straight out of a horror movie go hand in hand with this house. The various negative experiences associated with the "Demon House" make you wonder if the demonic presence has inhabited this home all along.


The house was featured on several TV shows including Animal Planet's "The Haunting" and SyFy's "The Haunted Collector.”


Subjective Claims:

  • Chris:

    • Before the investigation, he wrote down the name “John.” As we arrived at the house, we were told that a man named John lived next door, was shot in the chest, and died.

    • While sitting on the staircase, he drew a five-pointed star with a circle around it. Someone was using this symbol as a means of conjuring.

    • He drew the word “head” during a meditation session. Several previous occupants have died from traumatic brain injuries, self-inflicted gunshot wounds, or aneurysms.

    • He was inspecting a door at the bottom of the renter’s side staircase and it seemed to be blocked as he could not open it. As he budged it open, he heard a growl and the door slammed shut on him. Needless to say, he hauled ass up the stairs and we have never seen Chris move so fast.

    • He received a vision of a small male child being killed. It is believed that one of the previous occupants of the home killed their baby boy and burned the body.

    • A picture of fire was drawn while he was standing in the kitchen along with the smell of gas or propane. He also felt extreme heat. There has been a house fire in the home in which previous occupants were killed.

    • He felt the energy in the home was very clouded. The house was confused and out of place due to its history.

    • The name’s “Bob” and “Allyn” were written down. These names were verified later through the homeowners.

    • The name’s “Sarah” and “Samantha” were also written down. We received validation on Sarah, but cannot find where Samantha came from.

    • A vision of doves flying around. This is most likely in reference to the house finally being at peace from the demonic entity that once inhabited it.

    • Malachi appeared to him while he was in the basement. Malachi heeded him to avoid the dark crawlspace area. He listened, turned around, and walked away.

    • He believes the number “4” is significant to the house.

  • David:
    • He felt strong, intense feelings of being watched, particularly in the basement.

    • He felt sudden shifts in temperature to the point where he was sweating and then shivering a minute later

    • All throughout the house, shadow people were seen out of his peripherals.

    • Upon meditating, his energy kept being taken away as quickly as it was generated.

    • When in the house too long, he would get “psychic headaches.”

    • In the basement, he could feel a sense of dread. Several times throughout both investigations, as he was walking around, he would get an intuitive feeling telling him not to enter certain areas of the home.

  • Emily:

    • She felt that the residual energy in the house was very heavy. In certain rooms, she felt like she did not want to be left alone.

    • She hated the attic. She felt as if there were a lot of unanswered questions about the history of the room.


Objective Findings:

  • Photos:

    • No photo evidence of any kind was found. However, please check out the photos in the gallery below. These photos are a part of the case file:

  • Audio:

    • EVPs and whispers were captured on our audio devices. The Spirit Box also responded intelligently to the history of the home, its occupants, and the investigators present. One stand-out EVP is below. In this EVP, the team is told by a malevolent spirit to “do it!” Listen for 19 seconds in:

  • Video:

    • No video evidence of any kind was found.



In October, 2015, the family decided to allow people to come into their home to hear their story. The demonic entity that was so prevalent for eight years had been exorcised and they believed it was finally safe to let people enter the home. The “Meet and Greet” is where I met the family.


At the “Meet and Greet,” the family told their story. I was one of the investigators who were picked to come back on Halloween night and be a part of the first investigation since the demonic entity had been banished. The goal was to see if there were any malevolent or evil spirits left in the home.


On Halloween night, the investigation was performed. This is where I originally met Chris and Emily. Throughout the night, we discovered that we worked well together and as history would have it, E.C.P.S. was formed a couple months later.


The residual energy in the home is on another level. It is like being in a fun house full of mirrors. Upon walking from one room to another, you could feel a complete energy shift. In nearly every area of the house, there has been a death; whether by homicide, suicide, accident, or sudden illness. So this isn’t completely shocking. The imprint that the demonic entity left on the home can still be felt by those who are able to sense it. Mediums, energy workers, and empaths should pick up on it instantly.


As far as intelligent spirits, the house still has some. The blessing and exorcism that was performed on the house supposedly does not allow any evil spirits to remain there. It is important to note however, that malevolent or mean spirits might not apply to those rules.


During our visit, we continually came into contact with one of the nastier human spirits in the home. We also came into communication with other human spirits who were known to have lived in the house at one point in time. They responded intelligently to our questions and answered questions about their deaths accurately. It’s our conclusion then, that the house still has active paranormal activity. However, it is limited to residual and intelligent spirits. We did not find or feel any trace of the demonic entity that tormented the family and their home.


Paranormal Level: Grade 2 – Objective findings include evidence of an EVP in direct relationship with a photo or video. The Spirit Box responds to direct questions with relevancy to the history of the residence and/or the occupants (including the paranormal team).


The Enfield Demon House received a ‘Grade 2’ rating. If the demonic entity were still present, it would clearly and easily be a ‘Grade 5,’ but all thanks to God, it is not. The family can finally move on with their lives and are safe from any harm.


Sometime after the Halloween investigation, Jay contacted me and asked me personally to help him organize and uncover the remaining history of the home and put together the remaining pieces. Jay wanted to get the word out and share their story with others so they understand there are consequences for messing with the supernatural or the unknown. Amateur investigators should not go thrill seeking as it is extremely dangerous. The countless number of teams who tried to help the family learned this the hard way as the entity affected them and attacked them in ways you only see in horror movies.



Currently, there are no ongoings with the family and their home. The family needs some time to recover financially and get their personal affairs in order. When Jay is ready, he will reach out to the team to see if the final pieces of the puzzle can be put in place.

E.C.P.S. is opting out of performing continued investigations at the request of the Reverend who cleansed the home. We are told it is not a good idea as it could stir up activity again. We will respect his wishes and will not investigate unless the family truly needs us to.


We are told that paranormal activity is increasing again, but another team is currently assisting them. We pray that the family can find peace from this experience. If they need us, we are here.

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